25 June, 2016

Posting from a Prompt

Paula Kaye at Smidgens, Snippets and Bits sometimes follows this prompt that has some thought-starters, and as I read her most recent one (catching up on about a week’s worth of blog-reading) I actually had responses for some of the prompts! It’s a bit of a random post for me, but here goes my version. 

Did I mention we are moving to China in the fall? No? It’s a pretty new development, so that is the primary substance I ponder these days. I do not have details yet about much of anything, but we are trying to get rid of just about everything we own, to start over in Beijing this October. I’m doing a lot of considering the value of “things” at this point, and reaching out feelers, but I will have to actually DO SOMETHING about it all soon.

A lot about airfares. After our recent trip to Turkey (9-hour flight was the longest leg), I wanted to look into seats better than coach-class. No Way. Business is over $1500 more! However, we have decided to fly to Beijing from Seattle, saving money and shortening the flight to only 11.5 hours!

I’ve been reading Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore. It’s good, but weird, and I wasn’t as quickly drawn into the story as I typically am with him. The other day I realized I still have Atlas Shrugged, almost half-done, sitting under some things on the end table. I really want to finish that. It’s a bit more of a labored read, though.

Orange is the New Black is back on, and I am one of those who had been anxiously awaiting the release of this season. So far we’re pacing ourselves… only about three episodes in.
We’re also diligently watching Game of Thrones.

This is a funny question. While in Turkey, we used both camera and phones, and just yesterday my phone gave me a message that my cloud is full. My pictures automatically upload to the cloud, and I guess I need to go through and delete some or file them elsewhere!

This is about the color and thickness of mine.
1tsp of cinnamon, mixed with 1 tbsp of honey, with a cup of hot water to dilute it. It’s tasty, supposed to boost the immune system (among other healthy effects) and I’ve been knocked out with some horrendous illness. I’m hooked. This shall be my new bedtime treat.
The other thing I want to be drinking, but haven’t since vacation, is Turkish coffee. I loved it while there, and actually have the tools to properly make it at home, but on my return I was go-go-go and then sick-sick-sick. Next week, maybe!

We stir-fry a lot already. I’m torn between looking up actual Chinese cooking recipes to get acclimated before we move, and doing more Tex-Mex style meals for the next few months. I complain about the quality of Chinese food here a lot, and have serious doubts about the quality of Mexican food in China!


 I need to remind myself of this, but I'm learning.

This weekend we head to a wedding. A casual wedding. My favorite.
I realized last night that in our craziness, we hadn’t yet bought a gift. Then I looked at the invitation. “In lieu of gifts, please bring a monetary donation that will be given to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.” I can appreciate that. The idea of gifts for the sake of gifts, or due to tradition, is one I typically comply with, but… seems pointless. A new, young couple, like the wedding we attended in May? Of course! Let’s help them get their start! But this couple is older, have both been previously married, and don’t really need anything. I don’t know the bride or the groom, but I like them already.

A peek into my week...
On Sunday I hope to get my Soul Portrait taken by Kari of KPhotography as we will be passing through her area. She does outstanding portraits, but started out photographing Americana in general. Something I do not have a knack for.  After that, regular workweek until I head up to my sister’s in Michigan on Friday, bringing her the first of our “take me, keep me, store me” stuff. She’s setting up housekeeping right now, so has first dibs on any furniture or appliances she may need.

A final thought...
My brother from Turkey just moved back to the US. My Army brother is a new civilian. For the first time in about 10 years, all of my mother’s children are not just on the same continent, but in the same region of the country! For three months. She is planning a family get together over Labor Day weekend – not a typical time for our family to gather – and we will hopefully get some good family pics that day.


  1. Oh how I love this!! I love getting snippets of one's life all in one blog post! China!!!! That is a long way from home. A huge step. And such a risk! Happy for you! Is it a job that is taking you to China? Getting rid of things sounds like something we all need to do at some point in our lives. I have so much to go through. All of my beloved Richard's things!! Sigh! I would never think of drinking just cinnamon with honey and water. Interesting!! I have not yet jumped onto the Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones bandwagon. I might have to look into those. I keep hearing so much about them!! Have a wonderful week

    1. Brett completed a Masters degree in TESOL: "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages" a couple years ago, and cannot find a job in his field in the States, that doesn't require experience overseas. So yes, work is taking us over there, but it's a career change for us both. We will both be teaching, but I'm sure he will be higher up the ranks than I.

  2. We just started the new season of OITNB this evening and will probably binge the rest of it tomorrow. Absolutely love Game of Thrones, I waited until there were 4 episodes left and then signed up for a free 30 days of HBO, watched the beginning of the new season on demand and have been watching the rest as they are shown. I have to remember to cancel the HBO after tomorrow nights finale.

    1. We still have to watch the GOT finale. Brett starts working night shift tonight - he took that option to get weekends off while we prepare to move - so we'll probably be watching it together at 5am one of these mornings!

    2. It was easy to get up at 4:30, with that motivation!


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