30 October, 2016

Five Minute Friday... And We Won't Starve!

Once again, I am following the one-word prompt from Kate at Heading Home. These are actually useful for me to find simple ways to convey my new life in Beijing. 

If you're interested in trying it, click that link to her blog. Every Friday is a new word, and the only rules are: Write for 5 minutes. Link your post on hers. It's pretty cool, and I find a new blog every week.

(Now if only I would make the time to revisit more often during the week.)

This week's one-word is "Eat".

Timer starting...

We eat well.
The night we arrived in Beijing, we were treated to "Beijing Duck" (Beijing = formerly Peking) and many other tasty foods. Since then, Brett and I have tried numerous street vendors, found unique packaged goods in our grocery store, but not much in the way of typical junk food.

So we eat well. We eat more healthy food than we did in the states. No pizza (no oven), no popcorn (they make it sweet), only the occasional fast food. 

We are not starving, even though my pants are little looser since our arrival a month ago. Our first home-cooked meal in our own apartment, I took a picture and said, "We won't starve!" because there are fruit and veggie vendors out along our back street, and the smallest bag of rice available is huge for us. So at the very least, we can cook up some veggies and rice.

Make no mistake, the food here is NOT like your typical American Chinese restaurant. We eat delicious, bready breakfast dumplings, or the Beijing cross between a crepe and a burrito, right on the street. 

But we eat. God has seen fit to provide for us, once again.


  1. I'm glad you are eating! And, that your pants are getting looser, That's a win, win!!

    1. The more deliciousness I find, the more I feel the weight will come back. But I'm walking a lot more, so maybe not!

  2. I have heard the food in China was good. A loose wasteband is great. I guess their diet helps those of us of European descent. I'm so glad you and your family are getting this experience and a weight loss. How cool. I guess you know I have been losing the battle of the bulge for quite some time.

    1. It's SO different from in most Chinese restaurants in the US. But I have to say, they eat SO MUCH - my fellow teachers' lunch trays are piled high with food. If I ate that much I'd be 400 pounds. I think more than the diet is just a genetic metabolism. Or something.
      Ann, if you have a blog will you provide a link? I can only get as far as google+. Thanks!

  3. I'm salivating just reading this. I hate Americanized Chinese food, but what you've got - sign me up! Street food is the absolute best. And (go figure) still healthier for you than most of the junk here.

    1. And because they harvest seasonally, it's fresh. Right now it's all sweet potatoes everywhere. Just grab a roasted on off the street vendor and eat it like a banana, or there are many different types of sweet potato chips! Who knew you could fry it so many ways!


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