15 March, 2018

The Need for Work

I'm not working regularly right now. I love it and hate it.

That's not true. I don't hate it. It's fine.

But I don't have a lot of daily motivation anymore, so that's not good.

I'm trying to convince myself to establish a routine so motivation doesn't matter. ... and this post is me procrastinating.

Right now, my schedule includes:
  • Mandarin class for 2 hours Monday morning, and 2 hours Thursday afternoon
  • Tutoring a 3yo for 1 hour Friday morning
  • Tutoring 3 11yo for 1 hour every other Friday evening
  • AND I'm called in for voice recording once or twice a week
In my head, all my extra time should be taking care of the house and the groceries, and studying Mandarin like a maniac. In reality, I take care of the house and groceries, study Mandarin a little, read a little, and play a TON of games on my phone and computer. It's sad. Very sad.

So now I'm putting into writing my ultimate goal schedule for non-working me:

Wake, yoga, meditate (additional exercise when no morning class)
NO GAMES until afternoon!
At least 1 hour of Mandarin study on class days, 2 hours on non-class days.
Reading and blog-writing on non-class days.
Housework happens when needed, so I don't need to plan it.

So basically, I guess I need to work on reducing my gametime. Baby steps.


  1. Meh. There's nothing good outside of the apartment anyway.

  2. I have been much the same way since Richard passed. I seem to get nothing at all done but play on my phone. I really need a plan!!

    1. Clearly, my plan to write and blog on any non-class day isn't working, but writing it down did help me focus more on studying.
      Not working is hard!


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