14 April, 2019

My Very Busy Month Part II

It's the middle of this Very Busy Month that I wrote about (here), and a lot has been happening.

It's a Very Busy Month.

The guest who told me mid-March that she could visit me here in Vietnam during the first week of April has come and gone. (Her trip wasn't even on my radar when I wrote about my busy April.) It was a very busy week and I will never schedule this many things at the same time again. She's a lovely person and we had fun, but I'm glad life is back to routine.
Basket Boats, a lazy ride through the water palms.

Nothing like drinking straight from the coconut.

We had gorgeous weather during her visit.

My concern about doing both Camp Nanowrimo and the A to Z Challenge at the same time? A non-issue. All I do with Camp is pop over to update my goal progress. I could do that on an app, or in my planner. I won't do Camp again. 

A to Z is loads of fun, though. I am enjoying the challenge of a new story every day. So far I have just a few extra "audience suggestions" stored, so I hope more people drop suggestions in the comments (hint, hint). If I have extras at the end of the month, they will be used in May. I think I'll start a "Fiction Fridays" or something, to keep practicing Flash Fiction.

With all the AtoZ writing and visiting other blogs, my own writing and editing is basically on hold. I think I've done a little editing on only one day so far this month.

Oh, as an extra challenge to myself this month, I am fasting until Easter. Not a full juice fast - I'm eating fruits and vegetables, and allow myself yogurt or eggs for protein - but it just means that my body is a little out of whack from its norm. I can't wait for Easter!

Custard apple. SO SWEET!
So how's your month? Are you AtoZ-ing?


  1. You think the writing is going to be the part that kills you with A-Z, but actually, I have the hardest time with getting to the other blogs... and it's an UNGODLY long list this year, as well. *puff, puff, pant, pant*
    We're gonna get through this, tho'... Yes we are.

  2. Jz - Yes! Previous years, I've been at least partially pre-planned and pre-written, so visiting was easier. This year, I'm focusing first on writing blogs, going down the list alphabetically by category. It calms my OCD, too.

  3. You are holding up very well. Although, I do look forward to when you can eat normally again.

  4. Have you ever heard of intermittent fasting? If you find that you feel better after this fast, you might consider it.

    Yeah, visiting other blogs... At the moment I'm three (four?!?) days behind. Sigh. Well, that's the plan for today. Getting caught up.

  5. Liz - I do intermittent fasting regularly. Remember when it used to be called "skipping breakfast" and everyone was against it? LOL. This is a prayer fast with a group back in the States.


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