04 July, 2019

Water, Water Everywhere - Oh Wait, That's in the States

Our water is out.

Often on Thursday I sit and write out a draft of whatever my Friday Fiction will be, but today, our water is out.

Turns out, I'm not imagining that it is too dry here. It IS too dry, and they are cutting off water at different times to different parts of town, but there is no announcement about when each area will be hit?? Apparently? I don't yet know the language, so I wouldn't know if there was an announcement, but that's the scuttlebutt that I hear now that I tried to fill a pan with water to boil eggs this morning and started talking to people. 
Like my landlord, who assumed we were fine although our whole area has been without water for 3 days.

I asked her to check with us next time, because if I had known we'd be cut off, I might have delayed that load of laundry that I did the other day!

We decided we will not make dishes that will need to be washed. (I have an avocado and tomatoes that need to be eaten today however, so I will make my tom-avo salad, put some drinking water in the plate when I'm done and just leave it to soak overnight... because supposedly the water will come on "a little" tonight? I'll believe it when it happens.)

Anyway, I just went out and bought a case of beer, because apart from our bottled drinking water and noodle bowls, BEER comes in it's own disposable container. YAY BEER! No dishes!
I'm not stranger to water rationing. As a kid, at boarding school in south India, during the dry season we had rules about water usage. 
It was planned. 
It was known. 

This "I assumed you are okay" situation is for the birds. Nope, nope, nope. Our lease is up next month, and as much as I love the space we have in this house, our landlords don't communicate things that they should be communicating. Even if they didn't know when it would hit our particular building, they could have given us a heads up that this was coming. 

Maybe it is time to move again.
 >sigh< I don't want to. 
Did I mention I've moved six times in the last seven years?


  1. I'm so sorry. It sucks when they turn the water off. They definitely should have said something. Perhaps your landlord can learn and will give you a heads-up in future? Perhaps?

    1. I talked to them this morning. They knew water was being cut in our district, but this time around, no one knows when what line is being shut off! She said sometimes the government tells them but not this time for some reason. If she knows, she will tell us. *shrug*

  2. It wouldn't fly well here but from what I've heard about these kind of rolling cuts, it's not uncommon for them not to announce the whys and wherefores.
    But it does suck. I may be in the States but I have well water, so if you lose power - like oh, say, there's a hurricane that comes through - you can be without water, lights, temperature moderation (either hot or cold), refrigeration, you name it. My longest stretch was 6 days, so I can honestly say I feel your pain. (But I'm not sure moving is going to help.)

    1. There is a small well out front, but we're not hooked up to it. It's used for watering plants. We had already determined that worst-case scenario, we'd fill a bucket or pan from the well to wash. It's all good now. Turned out to be a bad pump!

  3. I hope you don't end up moving again. And also glad that you didn' try to boil eggs without water because, believe me, if you had you'd definitely want to move.

    1. Ha! Good point. True story: Once I had set some corn on the cob in a pan (full of water) to boil, and went out back to read in the hammock for a while. Forgot about the corn. By the time I came in, not only was the water gone, but the teflon coating had started to bubble. The corn was done, though!

  4. Luckily, it worked out pretty quickly. I think the communication will improve (somewhat) once they are living right next to us again.


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