22 August, 2019

Wait... It's STILL August?

It might not be the end of the month yet, but it feels like it. I have done more "big stuff" this month than most months. Big, but not uncommon for the life of an expat. It's just that everything came up at once! Not only that, but my closest expat friends are all leaving the country within the next week, so it's the end of a chapter, too.

Therefore, my list:
I stole this bullet point list from JZ at "A Reluctant Bitch".  

Relieved to Be Done With: Moving to a new house. AGAIN!

Inordinately Proud Of: Doing all my work with no air conditioner.

Happy to Have Survived: Multiple hangovers. I'll miss my Aussie friends when they leave, but holy drinking!

Glad To Be Done With: And extra, unexpected, tourist visa run to Laos because there was a delay with the work visa.

Grateful For: A 2-year lease, so maybe I can break my habit of moving every year!

Making Magnificent Progress: My first novel. Three out of four Beta-readers have submitted their notes. 

Looking Forward to: New passports. These are already full!

Reveling In: New friends and new hangouts. Also, finally being recognized as "a local" by the locals!

Latest Taste Obsession: Fresh garlic and soy sauce mixed into my melted butter to put on my popcorn. 

Filing Under “I Don’t Understand Men”: Our new neighbor, as he and his wife prepare to leave this week, offered to lend us books from their collection. The first one he pulled off the shelf to offer me was erotica. Because I'm a woman?

A Thing I Never Thought I’d Do: Appreciate a bathroom where the shower has no division from the rest of the room. But it's awesome. Cleaning the bathroom is much quicker now.

That's it. New home, new visas, new passports on the way, new friends leaving already - it's been a busy month!


  1. Sometimes the only way to get a handle on life is through bullet points.
    Glad you got so many bits wrapped up!

    1. That's true. I should bullet point more often.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, it's a good summary. I highly recommend a "done" list instead of a "to-do" list!

  3. The partition-less shower appreciation was a surprise for me as well. I know I was adamant about that shower wall for a few years and no it seems like a non-issue. One of the many ways overseas living has changed our perspectives.

  4. Wow, that is a busy month. Personally, I keep forgetting it's August. School started. We always started school late August/early September. They just changed the calendar. It's weird.

    1. When we lived in Indiana, they have a system that starts schools at the beginning of August. A long Winter break to make up for it. I think the shorter summer is supposed to help kids retain what they learned the previous year.


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