19 November, 2021

Fiction Friday - Awake

The system was down.

The system was down and Marcus didn't know what to do about it. Trouble was ahead, that much he knew, but what kind of trouble, coming from where, and in what proportion? Those were the unknowns keeping him awake tonight.

He listened to Vanessa not-snoring next to him. Vanessa didn't snore. She had a throat-goblin that practiced rolling its R's while she slept. The throat-goblin occasionally accompanied the rolled R's with a tiny nose-whistle. She didn't snore. And Marcus had never accused her of doing so. He loved her little night noises when he was awake to hear them. Usually he was asleep. He wished he was asleep.

Tonight was one of those nights he got to take comfort in his loving wife's noise, and he was annoyed. Not at her noises, but at the fact that he had inadvertently brought work home with him. He didn't do that! Sometimes he worked late, but that was specifically so that he could walk in the door unfettered from the office. He had come home unfettered tonight, but his subconscious had poorly hidden the recognition that "the system was down." 

There was nothing to be done. Nothing he could do. He had told Vanessa, because they gave themselves a few minutes each evening to decompress about any issues from the day, but then they got on with their night. Dinner, TV, a childish game with Aiden, a couple stories at his bedtime, watch the news - but in the kitchen on the tiny portable TV while they did dishes - and comfortable chit-chat before bed about the coming weekend.

But when all was said and done, how long would he keep his job? It hadn't been a question or conversation for tonight, but he'd need to talk to her about it soon. Maybe over breakfast, before going in to see how much damage was done.

It wasn't his fault, but the way the company was floundering these days, anyone might be targeted as a scape-goat. He hoped it wasn't him. But he hoped it wasn't anyone he worked with either. What a mess!

Vanessa gave a grunty snort and rolled onto her other side, facing him. Her hair was pulled back behind her and her face glowed in a stray beam of moonlight from their bedroom window. He watched her sleep with a smile, and placed a hand on her hip, feeling a gentle squirm under his fingers as she wriggled into a better position.

It would be fine. It had to be fine. He'd give her the heads-up tomorrow. Everything was better with coffee.


Every Friday I write a new flash fiction piece. If you have a writing prompt you'd like to see turned into a story, just leave it in a comment.


  1. No, she doesn't snore at all... That was funny.

    1. Haha. Just putting a different spin on a situation. ;-)

  2. Night time thoughts are so much fun.

    1. Things look and sound different in the middle of the night.


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