18 December, 2021

Broken Fiction

Not "broken" so much as "a break".

I'm taking a break from Fiction Fridays for the holidays.

See you in January!


  1. Just dropping by to say thank you for your comment on my blog regarding NaNo last month. Unfortunately, life went kinda pear-shaped and I never got around to replying, but I did appreciate your offer of being NaNo buddies. Perhaps I'll have another go next year. How is your querying going?

    1. I'll look forward to connecting in next Nano!
      Querying is slow, as expected. These days most agencies don't send rejections, so I just have to wait until suitable time is passed to cross them off the list. I'm editing my next one in between queries. Gotta stay on my game!

  2. Have a good break .. Wish you a fabulous 2022 :-)

  3. Thank you Pradeep! And a fabulous year to you, too!


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