07 May, 2012

"Mirror, Mirror" on the Wall, Who's the Biggest Movie Whore of All?

I entertained the Movie Whore by going to "Mirror, Mirror" one afternoon - feels like an age ago - when I was in Baltimore for a "hello" to Misty and a good-bye to my rollercoaster buddy. The Movie Whore had some thoughts about the movie, obviously, because she's totally opinionated. They were really random thoughts, so...well, bear with me.

At first, the Movie Whore thought we had made a terrible mistake!

M.W.: Uh-oh - Julia Roberts is trying an English accent? What is that? wait...dropped R's and soft vowels do not equate to an accent. Dude, Red does a MUCH more realistic English accent. Or...Hm, is that really what she's going for? Oh, this could be torture. What did I waste money on?

...okay. That seemed to be her narration voice. She was more herself as the Evil Queen. Which is a problem. Julia Roberts isn't "evil"! She doesn't do "evil" at all believably. She can do damaged. She can do tormented. She does sympathetic well. SOOO not evil. Hmm...

M.W.: That dude from Social Network is... the Prince? Hm. Interesting. Looks good. Plays it well.

...It's a shame that the guy who played the other twin in Social Network had this face digitally imprinted over his own. He's never gonna be recognized. ...I wonder what he's up to.

Then the movie got cute. There's some fun dialog, some irony. Like when the queen is all flustered about having a half-naked man in front of the throne, and he tells his sidekick "Women always get crazy when there's a Prince in the room." Ri-i-i-ight. The de-clothed-ness has nothing to do with it!

M.W.: Oh-oh-oh! GROSS! EWWWW! ...hilarious. The Queen's "Treatment" is as good as the pie from The Help. That's all I'm saying. MWAHahaha!
...Oooh! Love the Queen's  bathrobe!

Okay. The dwarves start training Snow to be a dwarf. That is some fun stuff. The dwarves kick butt. Best part of the movie, these seven!

Being a dwarf isn't just about size!
M.W. Now that's cute. The Queen:"Get this man a shirt so I can concentrate." Nice.

You can tell he's trying to kill her, right?

The Movie Whore's favorite quick-line comeback in a movie. Ever. (or at least, that she can think of at the moment):
Snow is pining for the Prince, and some of the dwarves are confused.
"He tried to kill her today!"
"What do you think love is?"
True. So true.

(As Jenny Lawson says in her book: Maybe this is what real love is: Trying to make it less difficult for someone to kill you.)

I love those dwarves.
The dwarves, whose names are not at all like Disney's dwarves.

...and by the way, anyone trying to crash a wedding? Watch "Mirror, Mirror". Those guys know how to crash a wedding!

And the close of the movie? Don't get up too soon. There's some very cool Bollywood-style end credit music and a dance party. Sweet.

Like I said, kind of random thoughts. All in all, I might actually add this to my collection. It's pretty fun, even though Julia Roberts was mis-cast.


  1. This movie has gotten by me somehow. I will eventually catch it on DVD, but don't think it is at the top of my must-see lists. Although, I do enjoy modern interpretations of classic stories.

    1. I could have probably waited for DVD, but you know the Movie Whore.

  2. My girlfriend wanted to see this, but we left it too long and has passed us by.

    Have to do a trip to the video store by the look of it. Even in your random trappings it is something she can enjoy (and I can endure).

    1. Yeah, cute, light...you could probably check on sport scores while you're watching it. ;)

  3. Sounds like a great movie and I would love to see it. Other than Disney's animated movie - I've only seen one version of Snow White years ago that was pretty good. However, this one sounds much better.

    Hello Movie Whore.

    1. Bozo, from what I know of you I would guess that you would truly enjoy this movie. It really is fun, and sweet, and yes, romantic. :)

  4. I would never considered watching this movie before reading this... but now you've got me wanting to see it. Well played, Movie Whore.

    Have you seen "The Avengers" yet? I just saw it yesterday and it was much better than I expected. Joss Whedon is my favorite.

  5. I usually love fantasy and fairy tale movies to the point of obsession, but this one had a terrible trailer. Oh boy some more crappy CGI. Or goody the woodsman knows martial arts, that's believable. Maybe I'll check it out when it hits DVD since the dwarf thing seems to funny to miss.

  6. I'm not super interested in this one, I have a hard time picturing Julia Roberts as evil too. Snow White and the Huntsman, however, looks promising.

  7. Since they came out at the same time, I chose MM over SWatH for my first view. The family enjoyed MM, it reminded us of Once Upon a Time (the castle and other trappings). We will probably add it to our/my collection of fun, easy movies. Julia made evil lovable. Loved the closing credits.


    1. My favorite was still the dwarves. I never did get around to SWatH


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