01 June, 2018

Calling on Anyone With an Opinion!

I need to clear the cobwebs in my brain, so here I am.

I want to start a business to help correct misprinted English signage and marketing at businesses here. Da Nang is hitting its stride as an international tourist destination, so I think if businesses want to take advantage of that foreign market, they should have proper English. Most western tourists will speak English so it will expand their customer base if they can cater to that. (I know that in Beijing, as much as I do not like Starbucks, I found it an easy place to go because the staff there knew their menu in English as well as in Chinese.) 

Right now I'm preparing a facebook business page so that I can link into some of the facebook groups here, but I need a name. While marketing and written English is my forte, I intend to partner with an English teacher to provide English training as businesses may require it.

With that in mind, I was thinking of naming my business something to imply we offer both written English marketing and spoken English training: 
All-in-All English 
English 360, or maybe 
Pinnacle English (has a more business-y sound, maybe?). 

Then I got to thinking about the culture I'm moving to - a beach city in SE Asia, tropical climate, relaxed living - Lotus English was my favorite for days. There's just so many ways I can go with that concept. But after being here a week I've noticed that the Lotus is a commonly used symbol for many businesses. Lotus English would not stand out.  
Bamboo English maybe.

But since I don't want to be mistaken for an English training center or school, I think I should choose a name that will entice business owners. Something implying wealth or growth:  
Golden English 
Crystal English or ... I'm back at "English 360", "All in All English", "Pinnacle" or maybe  

Help? Do you like any of these ideas? Does anything else come to your mind? I still need to try to figure out the meaning and value people place on names here, but I'm open to ideas!


  1. English 360 is reminiscent of a school program for English language learners here, so I'd pass on that one. Maybe pinnacle or apex. I admit, I really like the lotus idea.

    1. Right? The Lotus roots grow in muddy water, and English is a muddy language, but in the end, the beautiful flower rises above it all. Great symbol. And in the brand, each petal could be a different service... it's so versatile! But so common here. :-(

  2. I like All in All English best!

    1. All written, All spoken, it could even be "All 'n' All" Hmm...

  3. Lovely tho' the name is - Lotus English sounds like a Vietnamese native runs it, not a native English speaker.
    I like English 360.
    Or maybe English All 'Round. (Just check with a local that "english" isn't slang for anything naughty.)

    1. Yes, it has occurred to me that I need to check with a Vietnamese friend about words to avoid, or symbolism that is good or lucky. In China, red and gold are good colors to use, but you do not want to use the number 4 because it sounds like death. I don't want to make a mistake like that here!

  4. I think I like All in All English - or maybe English 4 U? It's a tricky thing to brand something that covers two distinct areas. Good luck!

    1. It IS tricky. And not just 2 areas, but the fact that I have to take into account different cultural norms and traditions.


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