30 January, 2019

Random Questions for a Wednesday

Clearly, my "blog twice a week" plan is harder than I expected. The good news is, I'm making progress with the book-writing. Today, I was visiting some of my regular blogs and found inspiration for a quick post!

Cathy Kennedy at Curious as a Cathy shared a prompt that is a bunch of questions. Actually, someone challenged her with a different set of questions, but these are the ones she challenged her readers to answer. Join me if you want. Let me know if you do!

The questions:
  1. Would you rather drink raw eggs or eat sushi (uncooked)? Why? Sushi, as long as someone else is buying. I like sushi, but in the western world it is overpriced.
  2. Would you rather live in a hot or cold climate year-round? Why? Well, since I currently live on the central coast of Vietnam, solidly in the tropics, I think my life has answered that question. 😉
  3. Would you rather wear slacks or dresses? Why? I have always been a jeans girl. Living in a hot climate, however, I have discovered that loose dresses are infinitely more comfortable on the hottest days. They have their place.
  4. Would you rather be single or married? Why? Single. I'm really good at being single. Eventually I met a man who enriches my life so much it made no sense to stay single, that's all. I cherish the man I married, and I love our life together. I don't think I'm very good at it though. Five years in and I'm still figuring out who I am.
  5. Would you rather be on Facebook or Pinterest all day? Why? Pinterest. No trolls.
  6. Would you rather be unique and thought weird or like everyone else with no personal identity to call your own? Why? Just like my answer to number 2, I'm already thought to be weird by most people who actually get to know me. My life has chosen my answer to this one.
  7. Would you rather wear all black or any other color? Why? This question confuses me. I'm going to assume the question isn't asking about wearing "all black" wearing "all any other color". I've never migrated toward a single color, black included. Here in the tropics, I sometimes see tourists wearing black leggings and shake my head in disbelief. When it's 90*F under direct sunlight, why would ANYone where ANY black!
  8. Would you rather be mute or deaf? Why? Mute. Then I'd keep my big mouth shut. Also, I wouldn't be expected to talk to people at social gatherings. Also, I need my music.
  9. Would you rather binge watch your favorite TV show or be outdoors on a cold, snowy weekend? Why? HAH! I moved to the tropics. I would NOT prefer to be outdoors in the cold!
  10. Would you rather be trusting or suspicious of all people? Why? If I had to be one way to ALL people, I would wish to be trusting. Suspecting every single person I ever meet sounds exhausting.

Please let me know in comments if you accept the challenge.


  1. Red,

    I enjoyed reading your questions. :) You did a good job. You got #7 right regarding black verse color clothing. I hate the fad at one time, seems to be slowly going away, the gothic black jeans, shirts, everything where kids were saying I'm being a myself, unqiue and I'm like 'no you're not, you look like your friends.' It's crazy. Dark clothes worn wrong (circumstances) is depressing or sends a message that says I can't be trusted. Your take on why would anyone wear black in the hot sun makes purrfect sense and I've wondered the same thing. We often joke saying, 'must be because black makes you look thinner'. :D I hadn't thought about always being suspicious being exhausting but you're right. I definiately somewhere down the middle of this one, always questioning someone's motives. I think it's because it's so easy for someone to take advantage of a person with a good heart and that's happened quite a bit to me, so I'm more guarded than I was when I was younger. Maybe that's normal as we get older. What do you think? Thank you for accepting to respond to my questions and for letting me know. :)

    1. Oh, I definitely fall in the middle of trust vs. suspect. The question was if you had to do one or the other all the time. As one who looks like a tourist here, I am definitely wary of being taken advantage of, perhaps more than I need to. But it would be so relaxing to just trust and not think about it.

  2. The questions post is a good one to do. I think most people want to be like others the younger they are. As we get older, conforming isn't such a big deal. At least, in my opinion.

  3. Probably. I was never "normal" though, because at my most "average" I was a head taller than everyone else. I remember the relief in 8th grade when the boys caught up to me!

    My upbringing and personal taste made me a little "off" from the other girls most of the time, but you know, it all worked out!

  4. It always makes me laugh when these n prompts have some inevitable overlap, in this case with the climate questions. Your answers remind me of the response Arthur C. Clarke gave when asked why he moved to Sri Lanka: "Forty English winters."
    Also one of the great things the internet has taught us is that we're all individuals, and it's made it easier to be different.

    1. Funny you bring up Sri Lanka. I lived there as a kid, but we lived in the mountains. Lit a fire every night. Year-round. Still, not cold like a US winter!

  5. I think if I HAD to choose one color, it would probably be black. Although, the question is worded very strangely. I think that is what it meant. If you could only wear ONE color, what would it be?

    1. I think she clarified in her comment that it was "all black" or "colors other than black". But then again, she only said that I got it right, and my wording doesn't clarify it that much either! Oops.


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