09 February, 2019


So I wrote this random bit the other day...

Where the headache came from was a mystery. It started as she relaxed in front of the TV. Assuming the pillow was positioned poorly, maybe putting pressure in that annoying trigger spot at the base of her head, she moved the pillow. 
Reclined more, laying back with the pillow under her shoulders. Nope.
Sat up straighter, removing the pillow entirely. No dice.

Refilling her water, she hoped it was a dehydration symptom. The pain was moving toward the front of her head now. What was going on in there? Finally, last resort, she took three ibuprofen. Say what you want, this cheap, generic, Chinese knock-off Advil was NOT equivalent to real Advil - or even a cheap Walmart or Target generic version!

Movie over, she shut off the TV. Maybe silence for a bit while the drugs tried to work. The headache was changing again, now more like a net of nerves tightening around her brain, all vibrating like some bizarre musical instrument being strummed and thrummed by a tiny mental elf. 
Damn you, elf.

Just then, Hubs rode up to the house, returning from the morning's excursion. By the time he joined her in the living room, cleaned up from the smells of sweat and the sea, he was ready to tell of his adventure out on the island. She wanted to hear, truly. She listened attentively, commenting, asking questions, all while that elf kept strumming in her skull. Still listening, she got up and grabbed a muffin. Maybe the elf needed a sweet distraction.

Finally, story ended, vibrating brain-instrument ongoing, she decided to take a walk. It was all she could do. She couldn't read, couldn't look at a screen - TV, phone, or computer - and maybe sunshine would lull the nerve-strumming elves into silence.

As she walked, there was a brief moment when she felt the pain subsiding, but the moment passed and she walked on.

First locale to check off the pit-stop list: the pizza place. Closed. Headache remained.

Continuing walking, she found that the new microbrewery in town had NOT closed for the holiday. Maybe a cold one would do what water and drugs and food could not. Beer in hand, she sat out on the patio. The headache remained, but the beer was good. 
Sun was good.
Watching the light traffic was good.
Talking to random passers-by was good.

As she returned the empty glass to the bar inside, she smiled a thank you and said good-bye. Returning home, the thread of the headache was still holding on to its own existence, but it was weakened. She felt strong. "I did not let that headache cripple me. I went out into the world a functioning citizen and contributed to a local business and to the society of those around me," she nodded to herself with pride.

Sometimes, it's the small victories that make the difference.


  1. Replies
    1. That's probably it.

      And yet, your return didn't resolve it...
      Maybe too much socializing in the previous days.

  2. Walking about outside to help the headache? I'm jealous. My headaches aren't helped by movement. Going anywhere just makes them worse.

    1. I don't get headaches often, and was clutching at straws. I hate not being able to DO anything. I think I was hoping that distraction would make the headache lose interest and go away.

  3. Red,

    I hate having those demon headaches! Sometimes I find if I take a nap that lessens the pain or completely squashes it. Trying to go on with your day the best you can is the best thing you can do. Good write up!

    1. Thanks! With no brain power but many thoughts, what can one do except write down the thoughts?

  4. And thus it was confirmed that alcohol truly is the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.
    Although I think a victory over one of those headaches is a big victory, not a small one.

    1. TRUTH!
      I hate headaches. I hate pain. In the US, I always had a well-stocked medicine chest. In China, I found that ibuprofen was an imported luxury. I'll happily substitute beer for advil!


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