20 October, 2019

November Plans

I know lately I've only been on here for Fiction Fridays. (Baby steps back to normal.)

That will probably continue for a while. In November, while I write a new book for Nanowrimo, I have considered that some of those writings might be suitable for Fiction Fridays. Who knows? If not, I have a new prompt (thank you, Liz) and lists of prompts to go from.

Also, I'm working on boosting my daily word count through the rest of October, which is how "Puppy Love" came about... and how it came to be so long I had to break it into 2 installments. That's a good thing!

I just wanted to say a little about the future of Fiction Friday. Still trying to get around to your blogs more regularly. I guess that's the next baby step.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!
Enjoy your pumpkin spice. It's non-existent here.


  1. Life goes through ebbs and flows. Sometimes the blog ebbs. We've all been there. Good luck with NaNo.

    1. Thanks! This nano I'm working on the book that was inspired by one of your prompts. ;-)

  2. I'm just really impressed by your commitment to Nanowrimo.
    And given the choice between pumpkin spice and Vietnamese coffee I'd take the coffee every time, and not just because "pumpkin" spice could just as easily be added to eggplant.

    1. Yeah. I have enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte in the past, but I can't say I miss it.


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