09 March, 2022

Tuesday Tales - Tech Troubles

Okay, okay, technically it's Wednesday, but I'm really trying (hoping) to get onto a Tuesday/Friday schedule, so this is my Tuesday post a tiny bit late.

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Marble Mountain, a beautiful, historic, spiritual (?) place between here and Danang, and I wanted to post about that, with all the pictures... but for some reason the gallery on my phone hasn't synced up with my cloud storage since our trip to Hanoi a month ago!

Boo. For shame.

I've been to Marble Mountain before, once with my sister when she visited in 2018, and once with a friend who visited from China the following spring. Both visits were different, and this time going with Brett was still something new! There are many caves and pagodas. The caves are filled with various statuary - Buddhas, monks, historical figures, animals.

The Marble mountains poke straight up out of the ground, and they've erected an elevator up to the main cave area of the largest of them. So you ride the elevator up about - 10? 15? Maybe? - stories high, where you get out and wander around through and among the pagodas and caves, going up and down layers of stairs. 

This time I did a lot more stairs than either of my two previous visits. For an overcast day, it was a pretty sweaty trip! I actually took advantage of one of the relaxation areas to drink a fresh coconut. We've learned I have a propensity to dehydrate, so I'm quite proud of myself for not letting it get that far. I don't love the taste of coconut water, but it is undoubtedly a better thirst quencher than plain water. Kind of like fresh Gatorade without sugar and gross chemicals.

After I get my phone back in sync, I will definitely post pictures. Look forward to next week!


  1. My phone stopped syncing up with my computer a while ago, but I have it connected to Google now, so I can upload via that route. I'm sure there's a better fix, but I haven't sat down to work it out. Hopefully you can fix your sync issues easier.

    1. I hope so. The last few days have been hectic so I haven't even tried. But I do have a handy IT guy in the next room!

  2. I look forward to getting there again and finding a few more places.

    1. I keep forgetting to have you walk me through re-syncing...


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