22 March, 2022

Tuesday Tales - Cabin Fever

It's been a week, so we went back for a follow-up test: Both positive.

We're being good. 

We're staying in. 

We have ordered delivery, and we place the money on the table in our front yard and watch and greet them from the front door when the delivery arrives and they leave it and take the money. (Both meals and groceries)  

We haven't gone anywhere. 

The other day, I stepped out the gate during a quiet time on our street, and it felt strange. But it was nice to be out of the confines of our house. 

We want to go out! We can order food in, but the store that delivers dry goods is not our local grocery, and we haven't seen our favorite vendors at the open-air fresh market in weeks! Not to mention just riding out for a cup of coffee or to hang with friends.

We feel okay! If not for the pandemic, we'd probably be out and about in public again.

Brett feels much better. Almost no chest constriction anymore, and no discernible cold symptoms. 

As for me, my sore throat is, as of this morning, gone. I've taken to sleeping in the living room on our tiny settee. (The British term feels more appropriate here, because it's not quite as big as a love seat, and half as plush. Maybe I'm mis-using the term?) Sleeping there has me at odd angles that seem to prevent my throat drying out and therefore eliminating the stabbing knives-in-the-throat feeling of waking up.

The worst "symptom" I've had has been a couple episodes of throat constriction. I guess that's what you'd call it. Although my breathing feels perfectly fine, once a day my throat would close up on me. Is it just the swollen, sore, throat expanding into itself? Was I not breathing consciously enough? I suddenly sympathize with asthmatics. Luckily, I still have a tiny bit of a throat spray I had picked up in Beijing, and that helped each time. (It tastes like spraying aluminum on your throat - yuck!)

I guess I'm kind of documenting all this here for future reference... Since the diagnosis, the symptoms, the prognosis, the warnings, all keep changing as time goes on. This is just my personal version of Covid.



  1. Yikes, I'm so sorry. I heard you might keep testing positive for weeks after, so go by symptoms once you feel you've recovered. I also heard that long Covid is worse if you start exercising too soon after, so, like, no strenuous activity for, like, 6 months? Even if you feel better, don't push it. Take it really easy for a while.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    1. We had to do another test today (reasons) and now he's negative but I'm positive. So back to sleeping on the sofa!

  2. And now we are both negative. Let's keep it that way.


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