17 September, 2013

10 for Ten - Four to go!

I am now 4 days away from my next road-trip with Brett. Six days ago I challenged myself to write "something" every day for the intervening 10 days.

I wrote a blog post.

I have caught up with old friends - with pen and paper!
I helped a friend with her research by answering extensive questions.
I wrote my Christmas letter - well, it needs tweaking, but it's basically there. 

It occurs to me that, 'round about the beginning of the year, I made some kind of goal-thingy to blog once a week this year. I have failed miserably. This 10-day challenge I gave myself inspires me that I really CAN do it!

After tonight, my next 3 "writings" will likely be more cards to friends, and hopefully finalizing my Christmas letter.

Then, well, the deal with this weekend is...my mistake. I saw that Blue Man Group was playing in the area and Brett said that sounded cool, so we assumed the weekend was on, for here. A couple-few weeks later when I went back online for tickets, I realized I had been looking at the wrong prices. $87.00! If it was something one or the other of us was wild about I'd consider it. But I've seen Blue Man Group, and Brett was only interested because "they seem cool".

Anyway, I suggested we "go away". And that's what we'll do. Nothing extravagant, just a new adventure to try.

Now that I'm back in a habit of writing, I will post something about the weekend afterward: Promise! 


  1. You better post after the weekend! You promised!

    The Blue Man Group does sound cool, but $87!!! To spend that kind of money, they had better hand out diamonds while they preform or I would never be able to go.

    1. I will, don't worry!
      Yeah, I saw them once, when I was visiting a friend and they had tickets. It was a smaller venue, too. I had no idea the price of the tickets. Still don't.

  2. I think the weekend we have planned will be much better than the Blue Man group.

    Now, imagine I said something really sweet and endearing. I would actually say something sweet and endearing, but I am headed to bed and my mind is muddled with exhaustion.

    Love, hugs and stuff.

    1. I agree. We each are suggesting different things for the weekend, and it will be a collaboration, with spontaneity to boot!


  3. Yeah I can think of a few better ways to spend 85 bucks. Like buying food or whiskey or something. Or candy. Priorities.

    1. My thoughts exactly! I believe I said, "That's a night at a decent hotel, we should go away!" Only we got a better deal, so we're going to have good food or something.

      ...and blues. There's your hint. ;-)


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