26 September, 2013

I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Hill!

(...that's a title of a Louis Armstrong song.)

It's also the name of the restaurant where we ate Brett's "birthday" lunch.

My Promised Post About My Recent Weekend Road-trip with Brett.

It was a fun weekend. We went to St. Louis, to specific places we'd not been together before. We must have walked about 8 or 10 miles on Saturday, in downtown, and up in the University City (?) area, where Blueberry Hill - a very famous restaurant - sits among cool shops, art galleries, and coffee-shops.

It was a pretty low-key weekend, if you call "Champagne Brunch" low-key! (I learned that a Mimosa made with cranberry juice is called a Poinsettia. Yum.)

Wait, back up...

Brett's shoulder, sans monkey.

On TUESDAY (I think), Brett was in the ER with his horrible, possessed-by-a-monkey shoulder. His current job is very physical, so by the time the weekend rolled around he had movement, but was still on some kind of painkillers, and the arm was in a sling. Fun times!

It was. It is always fun times. We just enjoy each other's company, so any "activity" or "meal" or "location" is just a setting for our fun.

At one point, I noticed that we didn't seem as in-sync as usual, and I guessed that his shoulder was bugging him more than he was saying. Later, at Blueberry Hill, I got some kind of "stuff overload" from all the very cool memorabilia. So I was kind of out of sync for a while.
My wounded hero mimicking art.

But it doesn't matter! It was still a good time, with good food, and good art. In fact, it was an exhaustingly  good time.

After meandering the University City (?) area, we both needed to relax, so we headed back to the hotel. I'd received a reliable tip on a good blues club to visit in St. Louis, so we looked at the website together, saw who was playing, looked up both acts, and decided we liked the later one better. Later as in 10pm-2am...or something.

No problem. That's why we were chilling.

...and comfortable.
...and ordered a pizza.
...and relaxed.
...and didn't want to go anywhere anymore.

but my feet were tired.
but I could lay my head on Brett's shoulder here.
but I could take out my contacts if I stay.

And here's how awesome Brett is for me, knowing how I am about following through with my plans.
He put down his computer, leaned over to me where I was playing Sudoku on my phone, looked me in the eyes and said:
"You know, we don't *have* to go out again." - notice, no CAPS, just *asterisks*.
and then...
"I'm happy to go wherever you want, but we don't have to if you don't want to."

I think my logical response was, "But I really wanted to report back to [Otis] about going to this place."

But I thought about how I truly felt right then...

And I realized that Brett was right.

(I compromised with myself by taking Brett down to a hotel restaurant for drinks and an appetizer)

Added  bonus of the perfect boyfriend setting everything right:
"Otis" saw one of the pictures Brett posted the next day and commented about the location, and Brett simply let him know we didn't make it to the particular club he mentioned, but that there will be other times.

He is so perfect for me.


  1. I love you so much. It's amazing how this whole thing has worked out and we ended up together.

  2. I love St. Louis, one of my favorite cities. My grandparents lived in Chesterfield outside of St. Louis so I spent quite a bit of time walking the streets downtown.

    Glad you two are still going strong and I'm really glad the distance between you two is short enough that you guys get to spend some quality time together.

    1. I'm no stranger to St. Louis, but Brett knows all these hidden-under-your-nose places I've never seen.

  3. No matter what, appetizers are always the right answer.

    1. The next day, we shared an awesome Tater-Tot appetizer, too!
      Appetizers - and tater-tots - work at any time of day.

  4. Glad to hear everything turned out well, bum shoulder and all. I'll tell you, I first saw that shoulder x-ray and thought I was looking at an ultra sound, and was preparing for a totally different direction for this post...

    1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      That is really not funny.

    2. Good eye! That was an ultrasound. I misspoke. An ultrasound of Brett's shoulder.

      ...and yeah, your other guess? um. no. just no.

  5. Ahhh, so much sap. I have to agree with the ultrasound guess above mine though. I was not thinking about the shoulder monkey when I saw it... Sorry!

    1. Hey, here's how "baby-oriented" I am: I can't tell the difference between looking at an X-ray or a sonogram!

      Yeah, this blog is getting pretty sappy. Only going to get more and more that way.


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