11 September, 2013

10 for Ten

In 10 days I will see Brett again.

We get together about every other weekend, but recently our weekends were back to back, plus his birthday is the 19th, so I thought it would be fun to do something on that weekend.

(actually, there was a show that weekend I wanted to take him too, but that fell through.)

Anyway, I suddenly thought, this afternoon, that it would be fun to challenge myself for the next 10 days. Over 10 days, I will do 10 specific cleaning tasks... Over the next 10 days I will cook/bake a different item each day... 10 days of a certain genre of movie.. I will shop for 10 specific items... Something.

I solicited suggestions on facebook, and succeeded in confusing people. SO...tonight is day one and I will WRITE something each day. Might be blog posts, but I also have some cards to send to people I've not contacted since my move, and I have a Christmas letter to write, and you know, Brett's birthday is at the end of 10 days - I suppose I could count a birthday card to him if I make it special.

Any thoughts? What "10 for 10" comes to your mind? Alternatively, what subjects would make good blog-fodder, in your opinion?


  1. You could buy me a present every day.

    Or send me money every day.

    Or call one of my professors each day to tell them how wonderful I am.

    Or request one of my favorite songs on the radio station each day.

    I have all sorts of ideas. Of course, you could do something for you too, I guess.

    1. I have presents for you already.
      I don't have the phone numbers of your professors, but I'll tell - and do - the rest of the world.
      I don't know what radio station you listen to.

  2. ^ You guys are too cute. It's sickeningly adorable.

    The only 10 for 10 I know of is the 10 for $10 sale of giant candy bars at the grocery store.

    (If you couldn't tell, my life lacks structure)

    1. That's a great idea! I happen to know that he bought a variety of candy-bars on an impulse recently, and he and his daughter had a chocoholic's supper with them!

  3. Try ten beers in ten days. Or maybe just collect the beers and then drink them on the tenth day. You know, like an advent calender made out of hootch.

    1. I like it...couldn't drink 10 in one day though. Those days are behind me. :)


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