07 May, 2017

Celebrity Crushes

I think I'm too old to have crushes. Everyone talks about crushes. "Twitter Crush" is one... I don't get that. I finally realized "celebrity crush" is less a crush and more fandom. I decided that the closest I have to that are certain celebrities who I have great respect for.

1. Drew Carey. Okay, he's less himself now that he's on TPIR. I love TPIR, but I'm not wild about the latest pandering to daytime TV fans that it's gotten into. And Since Drew took over he started wearing rings? and his hair is weird now. It's like they want to reincarnate Bob Barker. 

But once, years ago, when Drew had his sitcom and Who's Line Is It Anyway? I saw him on a celebrity version of some game show, and you know how celebrities play for charities? His charity was a Cleveland Literacy project. I've had a bit of a crush on him ever since then. He hasn't lost his roots. He didn't pander to the latest huge, giant, trendy charity. He gave back to his community, and BOOKS! Reading! Ya gotta love a literary man, right?

I would love to have lunch, or spend an afternoon hanging out with Drew. No idea what that would mean, but I have a feeling he'd be good company. Brett knows about this and is okay with my celebrity crush.

2. Gary Oldman. This is pure admiration for his skill as an actor. He is so diverse! Air Force One, The Fifth Element, Immortal Beloved, Bram Stoker's Dracula? And then a perfectly ordinary Commissioner Gordon. Without looking him up, it would be impossible to know where he's from, his accents are so perfect. I bow at his talented feet. When I saw him as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies, I fell in love with the character. His characters are always - with the possible exception of Zorg in The Fifth Element - perfect. And even Zorg, a terrible character, was perfectly performed. He commits! 

I know nothing of his personal life except that he is married and has kids... don't know ages or anything. I really don't seek out pop culture information. But this man can do anything. I would love to get an autograph or shake his hand or something, but could never spend any time with him because I'd be absolutely gob-smacked.

3. Rupert Graves. This is probably the closest to a true crush. Those eyes! This guy is just adorable. He plays Lestrade in the latest Sherlock series from England. (The series starring Benedict Cumberbatch - also crushable, imho.) He's talented, but rarely a leading name, so I'm always pleasantly surprised to see his gorgeous face in a movie or TV show. 

Apparently the first thing I saw him in was A Room With a View, an older movie I love for many reasons, and highly recommend - you'll see a very young Helena Bonham-Carter in it, too. When I first saw him in something else I thought... I know that face. Where do I know that face from? and suddenly remembered.

I really can't think of any other celebrity crushes. I often don't remember names as well as I do faces, anyway. What about you?


  1. My celebrity crush is from a soap opera. I think he is 'drop dead gorgeous'. My grandkids make fun of me. His name is Maurice Benard!!

    1. Sounds French. ...looked him up. Very intense! Woo. You like the fiery ones!

    2. I do! Well in my dreams anyway!!


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