13 May, 2017

New and Improved!

I almost skipped this prompt as it could easily be a negative post sending me on a downward spiral: "Something about yourself you'd like to improve." I'm far from perfect, and there are many directions I could go.

So let me just be superficial. That should be fairly painless to share! 

What would I like to improve? My fashion sense.

There you have it. I cannot put together an outfit to save my life. I worked in retail for years, and of course then, the store tells you what goes together. But it never looked right on me. I'm tall, which means nothing ever fits. (Don't get me started on the GAZILLIONS of stores that carry petites but not talls!

Forget dress pants. I have the option of jeans, or skirts. Well, shorts and capris are okay.
Yoga pants? Nope, one washing and they are floods. 
Flannel pants? Sure, at home, when I can wear them hanging off my hips.

But that's just half of it. Observant folks may notice that I only ever wear solid colored shirts. That's because they are easy to pair with bottoms and accessories.

My mother is always nicely dressed. She has enough accessories to wear something different every day for a year! Sister Diana is the same, and a bit of a clothes horse, to be honest. But always completely unique outfits - she looks artsy and cool, and no one could ever replicate her look. Even Hestia, who chooses clothes based on comfort, has well-matched outfits for every occasion.

I hate clothes. Shopping for clothes is the worst kind of torture, for me. People talk about "The curse of Eve" because she ate the fruit first and now we are all doomed to a life of sin... to me, "The curse of Eve" is that we now have to wear clothes. If there was no fall into sin, we would be blissfully naked and comfortable about it.

Maybe in Heaven. 
For now, I'll stick to jeans and tees as much as I can.


  1. LOL! I'm tall too and I totally get what you are talking about with the 'high water' pants. It has almost totally made me into a capri pants wearer.

    1. I was happy to see a trend here, even when it's cold, that some women wear their capris or cullotes, just with leggings or thick tights underneath. Now I just need leggings or think tights - that are tall enough!


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