12 May, 2017

Some thoughts on Mandarin

Weirdest prompt ever:
"Think of a word...search for images...write about the 11th image."

So, I need to learn Mandarin Chinese, and I have a little phrase-book on my desk, and so "Mandarin" popped into my head. When I googled it:


Okay, this is actually timely. You have no idea how many oranges there are here! The tiny mandarin ones are just past season. I could probably find them if I wanted to pay the off-season price.

Ugly oranges are in right now, but they are expensive to begin with. They're nice and easy to peel, like a tangelo, but sweeter. 

I asked Brett to pick up some oranges before our recent trip north, thinking of any of these easy to peel varieties, and he picked up standard oranges as we might find in the US... with the peels that cling like sticky rice to the slices inside. I discovered this when we stopped for a bathroom break on the way to the grasslands, and I decided to sate my hunger with fruit, only to have it juice all over me. I delayed everyone  because I had to finish my orange outside the van, and of course no one would share with me because I massacred it in the peeling process.

There's another type of orange smaller than the mandarin ones... or maybe the mandarins are the smallest and the slightly larger one is something else? Anyway, these also peel easily, and they taste almost exactly the same.

pop 'em like grapes!
But my favorites so far are the kumquats. LOVE them! 


  1. I have never eaten a kumquat!

    1. I know I tried one once in the States, but they aren't easy to come by. And they're out of the markets here already...sadly.
      They're actually kind of bitter, but I love them.


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