23 May, 2018

Step One - Find A Home

As I said yesterday, we wanted to move in two steps so we could establish an address and ship things for later. Shipping is cheaper than paying the overage fees on checked baggage, for sure!

We arrived after midnight, and went to our hotel, which was actually a very small studio apartment. This is common. 

The next morning, we had an appointment with a real estate agent we'd been referred to. Never wanting to be late, and not knowing how long it would take, we started walking, deciding to grab breakfast on the go. Breakfast for me was the delicious Vietnamese iced coffee! 

... Twice. 

I'm realizing that no 2 places make it or serve it in the same way. But it's all quite addictive!

While walking, I was amused to see a woman riding a bike wearing one of those iconic conical hats. After 3 days, I now know not to be surprised. 
We met the agent at her house, and she loaned us a scooter to follow her zipping around the city looking at places. The first place wasn't suitable for us, and she listened to our thoughts. The second place was the one!

Part of the bedroom, with a street view.
The living room, taken from the kitchen area.
One of the 2 rooftop terraces we have access to.

The first floor is, conveniently, a coffee shop! 
The building caters to foreigners, so our bathroom actually has a door separating the shower from the toilet, and the kitchen area is roomy. 
Also, it's a "full service" place, so it comes with linens and twice weekly cleaning. They offer laundry service, but the laundry facility is on the premises, and one machine is available for us to use if we don't want it done for us. (We don't.)

We were moved in shortly after lunch, unpacked a bit, and had dinner with friends Brett met on his brief trip here a month ago. It was delightful, and I'm sure we will be long term friends no matter where the winds take any of us.

Next day. First order of business, the beach.

My Khe Beach, Da Nang. Also known as "China Beach." 8 minutes from home!!!
My pale legs, feet slipping into the sand.
I lived at the shore in Delaware for 12 years, and even before that, anytime I'm near a shoreline, I always have to dip my feet. That was enough for the first beach day.
A restaurant on the beach had these swings nearby, so I sat here while the sand on my feet dried enough to brush it off.

We wanted to hit the beach earlier the next day, so we could walk more before it started to get hot. I walked in the shallows a lot more, seeing jellyfish and ghost crabs to my heart's delight!

Not a black and white photo - morning fog just hides the horizon.

The next day was our last full day there - our flight left after midnight, so we left for the airport around 8pm. But meanwhile, we found a burger joint for lunch, and later went to a new night market for supper.

We go back on Sunday, and Sunday can't come fast enough!


  1. Agreed. This week can't pass fast enough.

    1. "I cannot teach him. He has no patience." (Yoda)
      "He will learn patience." (Obi-Wan)

  2. Looks like a nice location. Hope the rest of the move goes just as smoothly.

    1. O.M.G. We have hit hurdle after hurdle over all the red-tape we knew we'd have to deal with during this week! I'm just glad we only lived here about 2 years, so being dragged through the muck doesn't sting quite so bad!

  3. This is very exciting and wow, does it look gorgeous!
    (p.s. - my hair does better in humidity, too)

    1. So far, so good.

      I was surprised by the hair thing. Actually, my husband has complained about the water here in Beijing making his hair "crusty" but I'm surprised my hair is softer than it was in the States!

  4. That's really a lovely place to live. And why wouldn't you dip your feet in the water any time you're near a shoreline? Yeah, I know, some people don't, and those people are missing at least half the pleasure.

    1. Once we were hosting a wedding on the beach in Delaware, and the mother of the bride didn't like sand. They insisted a boardwalk be placed over the dune crossing all the way to her seat. Crazy stuff, to me!

  5. What a fabulous place you found. And cleaning by someone else! Sounds good to me. I might even let them do my laundry! What I wouldn't give to be as brave as you guys to move to another country!

    1. I think it's like they say about having kids: After the first one, the second is easy. Or don't they say that?


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