02 July, 2018

Happy Monday!

Good morning from Vietnam!
6:30a.m. That little group of people was doing something to the nets.

I woke early today and went to the beach earlier than usual, so I'm taking time to write an extra post. I'll take my "nghi trua" today, to make up for rising early. (That's Vietnamese for siesta. Except it's not, because I don't know how to add the diacriticals on my computer. There should be a hook over the i, and a mark on the u, too.)

Saturday night was the finale of the International Fireworks Competition: Italy vs. the USA. No idea who won or how to check it. For my part, the Americans were the better show, but I saw a video of the Italian show, and a lot of theirs were lower than the buildings, so we missed them.
waiting for the show to start.

Just a couple of shots. Fireworks don't make great photos. But you get the idea of our view. Most of Da Nang is fairly low-lying.

Next weekend, the Dragon Bridge!

Just for grins and giggles, this amused me. I was too early for most places, but I thought surely the 24-hr convenience store could sell me a can of iced coffee.

Do you think "24-hour" means something different here?
Of course, it is equally possible that this shop went out of business over the weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. Maybe it's 24/6?
    Happy Monday!

  2. Fireworks are hard to photograph. Glad you got a good show, mostly.

    1. The best part was the random conversation. Any topic, you name it.


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