30 January, 2012

I Think I'm Part Bear

...And not because of the fact that I’m a diehard fan of the Chicago Bears, or that this is my 9th consecutive year participating in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics.(still raising funds for this year's plunge) This is a more visceral “bear-ness”: My body seems to want to hibernate.
Of course, biologically we all want to follow the sun’s path, blah blah blah. …and I have noticed that in spades in my own life. I wake up with the sun regardless of when it rises. Can’t help it. (Daylight Savings is a crock. Just don’t get me started on that.)

But this goes beyond. I took a personal day on Thursday, to take care of some things I was not accomplishing with my normal hectic schedule. When I woke at 10 a.m. (SO LATE) Thursday morning, I had a blistering headache, so rolled over. Woke again at 3 p.m. and still had a headache but made myself get up and take something for it. Well, I called work and said Thursday was going to have to be a sick day, and I’d take Friday for the personal day, since I couldn’t do the things I needed to do with my eyes closed!

Friday dawned…again around 11a.m.! I got up, but boy, I could have stayed in bed. And mind you, these are days that I’m sleeping most of the day, AND all night, too. So my body wants the sleep. Saturday was a repeat. Sunday I forced myself up for church, with the grand ambition to get to the gym afterward, but came home and napped instead.

I think I’m part bear. If I could sleep away the winter, I surely would.

Usually when I sleep this much I figure my body is fighting a cold or other bug, but I have none of those symptoms, so it must be an ursine metamorphosis – what other explanation can there be!?


  1. Oh yes, sometimes sleep begets more sleep! I find if I actually get some then my body craves it.

    Maybe you're storing up!

  2. I have the same issue Vesta mentioned. If I sleep too much, it just makes me more tired. I function much better short on sleep than on too much.

  3. Wow. I truly had not thought of that! I know I don't do well on little sleep anymore, but the opposite didn't occur to me.

    And storing up is not a bad idea. I have a hectic couple months ahead of me. Extra sleep would not be a bad idea.


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