05 January, 2012

Time's a-wasting!

Well, my work computer won't allow me to access my home drive, so I can't do any real work until I hear back from our IT guys. Apparently everyone with Vista is screwed up, so it may be a while.

However...I have internet access, so might as well do some blogging!

I'm seriously considering taking personal time this afternoon. "J Edgar" has been reduced to one showing, at 1:00. I've heard good things about it, and remember being interested based on the previews.

...I have to say, I do like that I can take personal time for random crap. Not always, but if there's not a lot happening at work, and I've got the time, nobody fusses over my motives for using it. Do you save "vacation time" for "vacations"? Or, like me, do you sometimes use the time for more capricious pursuits?

Well, for now I'm off to play voyeur in the blogosphere. We'll see how my computer acts around noon.

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  1. Here is another one. How did I miss these? It looks like my earliest comments on your blog were on January 7 and you wrote this before then.


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