25 January, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Alrighty! Year of the Dragon!
Good things! Excitement!

(…in an attempt to perk myself up... Yeeha!)

My research (haha) cautions that “due to the mythical nature of the dragon” gains during dragon years may be hard to hold onto. It will be exciting, but hard to tell reality from myth: Easy to make the gains during years of the dragon, but harder to hold onto. So have fun, but watch out in the future!

I lived in East Asia years ago, so – although it’s not like this is something everyone talks about – I became interested in how their signs based on a year differ from the western astrological signs based on a month. I have a great book that goes into detail about the Chinese sign, and then tells you what your western zodiac + Chinese zodiac combination supposedly tell about you.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t buy into astrology. It just interests me as something to know about. (I pride myself on being a wealth of trivia.) Here’s why I don’t believe it:

Man determined the constellations in the first place! So what if the Jupiter IS rising in Aries, we’re the ones who decided that particular collection of stars goes together, and if we hadn’t, or had made the boundaries different, Jupiter would be rising in some other constellation. Hahahaha.

There’s a great subplot in So Long and Thanks For All the Fish (book four of the HHGG trilogy) where the journalist is going to interview some famous astrologer about how a newly discovered planet effects the zodiac. I love it. It was the first thing that crossed my mind when some random scientist – or group thereof – decided to demote Pluto.

Then, with the Chinese Zodiac – now, I’m not going to knock anyone’s religious beliefs - The story of Buddha inviting the animals to a banquet sounds as unlikely to me as the story of crossing the Red Sea probably sounds to someone who doesn’t believe the Bible, so for argument’s sake let’s assume the Buddha story is true. Even still, how does the order of the animals’ arrival translate into power over a particular year?

But I’m latching onto the mythical positivity that is theoretically attached to this year. Go Dragon!

Maybe I should feng shui my house while I’m at it…


  1. American or Asian astrology: either way, it makes no sense.

    It's awesome that you lived in Asia. I have a job offer waiting for me in southeast Asia once my daughter has moved out. I have been waiting to go for 10 years.

  2. South and Southeast Asia are my favorites. India mostly, but the Malaysian peninsula has a lot going on, too. You're a lucky man!


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