14 June, 2022

Tuesday Tidbits

Not so much a "Tuesday Tale" this week. More of a catching up.

There are no stories to tell, just life happening. 

I've been more social lately, which is weird and will have to balance out somehow. Two things:

1. Writing Group: I joined a writing group in my area. They meet weekly at a coffee shop that's a two minute bike ride from my house. We write, read what we've written, and give and receive feedback. The feedback is very helpful. Probably because it's coming from people who don't know me very well.

2. Wellness Wednesdays: I should list this first, because I did this one first, and the woman who runs Wellness Wednesdays invited me to the writing group. Wellness Wednesdays consists of an hour or so of low-key connection, meditation, a little aroma therapy, discussion, and maybe lunch. It's sounds weird, but it really is a great moment of calm in the middle of a hectic week. She varies the location, though, so I don't go regularly, just when it's near me.

Speaking of "hectic weeks".

Opening a new business is a lot of work! Classes began last week at our new school. The classes themselves are fine, but like any new business, we are finding some kinks to work out. Nothing major. Mostly logistical things and details like managing the time between classes, keeping kids where they are supposed to be, scheduling, timing of getting materials ready for each class. All the stuff you don't think of until you're in action. (Well, some things I had thought of, but seemed beyond my purview.) 

Now I'm taking over scheduling. Just to keep it organized and manageable for the staff, and to take one thing off Brett's plate. He's been shouldering most of the responsibility.


Ah yes, the times between the chaos. Last month I finished Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, and although it was okay, it wasn't my cup of tea. Could he please just tell a straight story? This was so convoluted it drove me crazy. I was interested in the characters, but had very little idea what the point was throughout much of it. Still, I didn't put it down. If a book bothers me too much, I will not waste my time with it. I'm glad I read it.

...Glad I read it, but wanted to read something straightforward again. Who writes in a straightforward manner? One thing leads to another to another, until the end? Stephen King. So I read Firestarter. Tbh, we recently watched the original movie, quickly followed by the new one (a disaster) so it was on by mind. Great read, easy read. I would even say, for people who've never read King because they're afraid his books might be too dark or scary, this would be a good one to start with. Not really scary, not gory, just a great thriller.

I finished Firestarter a couple days ago, and almost picked another King, but decided to go lighter and started reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I've read two of hers so far, and she has a nice, easy-reading style. I'm only a few chapters in, but so far I'm enjoying this book!

And that's my life - work, social, and books. I can't even believe "social" is a category of my life now! What about you? Busy summer or relaxed? Any book recommendations?


  1. I saw Big Little Lies on HBO. (I think it was HBO.) Definitely an interesting plot.

    I've been busy working. Getting a summer school class going has been interesting. At least it's for a very short time.

    1. Ah! I wondered if it was a show. I'll probably watch it after reading. Good luck with summer school!

  2. Mine's busier than I want it to be.

    1. I know. Working hard now to rest more later. As long as you keep some balance in there.


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