28 April, 2017

An Exciting Trip is Coming! I Just Wish I Knew to Where

I'm combining the next two posts from this writing challenge into one. So follow along, it may get convoluted. 

Could I write two posts and just schedule one to go up tomorrow? Yes. But this isn't a moderated challenge and there's no prize. I'm doing it for myself, so if I can't write tomorrow, why pretend?

"But Red, Why 'can't' you write tomorrow?" you ask?

Because we have to meet the bus at 8am. Which brings me to Writing Prompt 1: Something I am excited about.

We are going on a two day (one night) trip out of the city! Yea! I'm very excited to see any part of China that isn't Beijing, just because we so rarely can do that. 

Which brings me to Writing Prompt 2: Five Blessings in your Life.

Blessing 1) I am blessed to travel so widely. Personally, I believe travel is a choice. Both Brett and I know people who express jealousy over our adventures, when really, before moving here, most "adventures" were within a day trip of home. It is not impossible to travel, but I do acknowledge that it takes planning and you have to make it a priority. 

Even moving to Beijing - also a choice - I understand is an easier choice for those of us with no kids, and no deep ties to place. Also because we are in good health. Leading me to...

Blessing 2) I'm in good health. I suffer from no chronic physical ailments, aside from having horrible vision. Nothing requiring complicated or expensive medication. Aside from the occasional cold, I'm fit as a fiddle. All my limbs function well, too.

I have often noted to myself since living here, how very very blessed I am that both of my legs function without assistance. Although, obviously, there are Chinese people who require wheelchairs or crutches or canes, to move as a foreigner to this city where walking is not an option would be an extreme difficulty I would not wish for. Legs are so very important here! If yours work, take a moment to be thankful! Which ties back into the story of this exciting trip...

This? Maybe!
Not only are we getting out of the city, we are going out INTO THE GRASSLAND! Something about a farm, and we will be horseback riding tomorrow afternoon! I'm very excited. I like riding horses, but have only done it about twice since middle school. Now I'm no expert equestrian, but I believe this activity would be nigh impossible without complete control of my legs! (see how I tied it together?)

Blessing 3) is that Brett and I travel well together. Ha! Obviously we made it halfway around the world! Seriously, though, we discovered this early in our dating, which has made our adventures even better. Enough said.

While on this weekend excursion, on the second day we will visit "The Great Kahn Palace". This is the first I've heard of it, and I don't have much time to do research in advance, so I'm grateful for...

Blessing 4) An inquisitive and intelligent brain. Holy crap, you guys, with little time this evening, a quick search for "Great Khan Palace" brings up "Kublai Khan" in the first mentions. THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE POEMS! Not that I'm a huge poetry reader, but this one is it. "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree..."
Not what I'd call a dome... but poetic license, yada-yada...

Xanadu = Shangdu according to my very quick search.

Kublai Khan, dubbed "China's favorite barbarian" by BBC.

If this is the right place, it was from the Mongol empire! The very people that caused the Great Wall to be built - to keep them out! I really need to know more Chinese history. But I think this is right.
GENGHIS KAHN - wait...what?

Just informed by our guide: It's Genghis Khan's palace. Still, Mongol!

And honestly, China is completely unlike anyplace else. It seems virtually untouched by the western world in its history and culture. Everything I see and learn here is 100% new and unique and fascinating. So Genghis, Kubla, whatev.

Blessing 5) I'm blessed to have this blog. Right now? How this ties to this trip? If I wasn't writing this very blog-post, I probably would never have done any brief research at all, and just gotten on with packing and eating, and resting because I'm getting over a cold.

I'm so freaking excited. The Mongols are coming!


  1. How did I miss the part about you moving to freaking CHINA??? Holy cow. Have fun tomorrow and stay safe!

    1. Thanks! We've been here 7 months, but I wasn't blogging a lot.

      ...we also had the dates wrong. Realized this morning, while standing at the meeting spot that it's tomorrow!

  2. This sounds like a good trip. I would imagine getting out of that huge city will be a blessing!!

    1. This IS a huge city. I spend the majority of my time in just one quarter of it, unless visiting a tourist site. The good news is, there are many many trees and plants everywhere. I was afraid I'd die in a sea of grey before we moved here.

  3. I glad we stumbled upon this and am praying that the people we are sharing this trip with will become good friends and not people we quickly despise.

    1. True. I hadn't considered that part of it. BUT I'm pretty good at isolating myself if necessary.


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