24 April, 2017

The Struggle is Real

"Share something you struggle with."

BAHAhahahahaha! I moved to China 7 months ago. I could make this a list of the chaos of big and small hurdles that require maximum agility to survive. 
But I won't. That would just annoy me. Humor is better. 

There is one thing that is a daily struggle in my life, regardless of where I live. It is a part of married life, I suppose, and perhaps you can relate:


Yes, I married a blanket hog. It's a sad tale, but true. Love him as much as I do, a part of me catches a draft several times a night as he rolls over and takes the blankets with him. We celebrate our 3rd anniversary next week - just THREE YEARS! - and we have already discussed the need for single beds. 

The struggle is real.

First, he is bigger than I, so I recognize that it takes greater blanketal area to cover his body than mine. Add to that the fact that he wraps himself around both a large pillow and a bunched up quilt, and the volume of his space that the blankets must cover is doubled.

Then, that pillow and quilt act like velcro on the cotton duvet cover and grab onto it with each somnolent movement.

I know he tries to be careful. He wakes up to turn over, and tries to keep that velcro action from happening, and cautiously rolling without taking the blankets along. But inevitably I awaken too, either to grab tight hold on my end of the blanket and hold it in place, or with a freezing shoulder, arm, or hip - whichever is exposed.

Do we need a larger blanket? Yes. But the bed is not very high, and I don't want it dragging on the floor. We actually added a fleece blanket on top, which gives several additional inches on each side. It does help, but not completely.
This is us in a few years.

There is no resolution. Only separate beds will fix this.


  1. I got a chihuahua mix who can roll up in a queen size comforter in the middle of the bed. So frustrating to me and the pit bull. Where's our blankee. lol
    P. S. I would get an extra quilt that I would not share with hubby. When you wake up in the morning, just fold it and put it away for the next night.

    1. I believe it! Dogs are notorious bed-hogs.

  2. Richard and I were together for more than 30 years. Most of those years I worked night shift while he worked in the daytime. After I stopped working nights it was so hard to try to adjust to both of us being in bed together at the same time. By this time there were only the two of us living at home. So I moved into my own bedroom. The best thing I could have ever done for myself, for Richard, and for our marriage. Many of our friends thought we were crazy. But sleeping together is just not meant to be. And having sex is not sleeping together!! LOL!

    1. I'm torn. On a decent bed, I can fall asleep on his chest. Right now, our bed is terrible and lying like that hurts my shoulder.
      Good to know it is a choice many couples make!

  3. If we do the separate bedrooms, you could have your window open any time you like and I can turn on my fan.


    1. Hmm... That would just be one more room for me to clean.


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