25 April, 2017

Wisdom for all Ages

When I get a cold, it takes over all of me. I am the worst. I'm also on my 5th cold since moving to Beijing and seriously thinking it's not me, it's the place. 

Suffering through a stopped nose and a fuzzy brain, when asked what words of wisdom speak to me, the best and brightest gem that floats to the top is:

Starve a cold, Feed a fever.
I know, that's not "wisdom" per se, but it has stuck. 

For the longest time, I couldn't keep it straight in my head which got starved, but then a few years ago I read something about cold remedies. Ahem, ahem, ahem...

A COLD is a virus. Viruses love the sugar your body turns food into. Eating sugar or simple carbs that turn into sugar is bad. 

A FEVER means that your body is fighting off an infection of some sort. Your body uses energy to do this, so it needs you to fuel it appropriately.

Should you fast when you're sick? Of course not. But I like this logical way to think about it: eat less to feed a virus, but keep your body fueled for a fever.


  1. So many times I have tried to explain to my patients that a fever is a good thing until it just gets too high. Then you must fight it. But people need to stop going to the doctor and demanding antibiotics. They just don't work on viruses!!

    1. I never go to the doctor for a cold, unless I fear strep. I don't get people who immediately do that. Rest. Rest, rest, rest. That's what your body is telling you, anyway!

  2. FOOD!

    Food, food, food, food!

    All the time -- food. I will not do without. Damn the consequences.


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