21 April, 2017

Oh The Places I Hope to Go!

Five places I want to go? They're only asking for five?
*blows on nails*
I got this.

First, a few from the bucket list, in no particular order:

1. Easter Island.
Giant Stone Heads! 'Nuff said.
Apparently I have a thing for rocks. Stonehenge is another favorite (which I've already visited). I always say I missed my calling to be a geologist. If I get to Easter Island, it would only be logical to hop over to Chile for a visit, too, which is another bucket list place.

2. Pamplona, Spain.
This could be me!
Yes, I want to run with the bulls. (please keep your moral outrage to yourself. I've heard it.) Since I married a man who has this on his bucket list, too, and we have begun a life of travel, this might actually happen someday!

3. Chichen Itza.
Actually, any of the Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, or Incan temples would suffice.

Another big, man-made pile of rocks. I want to climb this thing.

...And for the last two items on this list, I'll put two new ideas: places that have high demand for ESL teachers, and are therefore possible future homes.

1. (4.) Vietnam.
I miss beaches.
I had heard that Vietnam has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It's a shame most Americans only know it for a horrible war. Nowadays, this country is highly ranked by ESL teachers for opportunity, cost of living and other factors. I really hope that we like it when we visit. Even though I'm sure I wouldn't be sitting on a beach everyday, being near enough to visit semi-regularly would be delightful!

2. (5.) The Phillipines.
Mountains AND beaches.
This was a surprise to me, but it also showed on the list of highly ranked places for ESL teachers. My grandparents lived there for a while when I was young, so it would be cool to walk where they walked. This is a highly likely destination within the next year, as some friends of our here in Beijing "have connections" there.

Where would you choose to visit?


  1. I love this list. Let's do them all.

  2. I have climbed to the top of Chichen Itza! It was hard. I don't think they let people climb on it anymore. I may be wrong. I have also visited Viet Nam. They are the kindest people! We loved our visit there!

    1. Really? Wow!
      Well, if they don't allow climbing, I'll find one of those ancient temples where climbing is permitted. I'm really not locked into just one.


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