18 April, 2017

Words That Stick

Today's prompt was to share something someone once told me about myself that has stuck with me ever since. I could share several, but I'll go with the first that came to mind.

Remember the early days of the internet? If not, you're too young, so you won't get it. Haha!

Back in those olden days when I was in college, and we had this place called "The Computer Lab." It was a big room full of desktop computers, because most of us didn't have our own personal computers. I mean, unless you were a computer science major, maybe then.

My favorite time to use the lab was late at night because it was less crowded. One night I was there, working on some project, with only about 2 or 3 others in the place. Someone entered the lab that late, saw me, and came over to talk. I'd probably been there a couple hours and was ready for a chat break.

I went to a fairly small, private University - was it 2,000? 4,000? students at the time? Small. Not so small that everyone knew everyone else, but small enough that if your paths crossed regularly you got to know people. This guy who came in was one of those people. I don't remember a name, just that he was a few years behind me, and I was familiar with him, but not quite "friends". I *think* our paths crossed either through music or theatre. 

We didn't talk regularly except to say hi, but this time he came over to say hi and we had a conversation about something I don't remember. During the conversation, he interrupted himself to say, "You know, you have really pretty eyes!" This was not a flirting situation - I think he had a girlfriend and we didn't know each other well anyway. It was just stated as matter-of-fact. 

Of course, I stumbled with some kind of, "oh! Well thank you!" because I'd never been told that before. He continued, now scrutinizing my face, "I mean, the whole shape... and eyebrows and everything."

THAT has stuck with me. And I groom my eyebrows every day! Not pluck. I only pluck if a hair won't lay straight, but I shape them. So I guess the words not only stuck with me, but affected my daily actions!

Words are powerful. Use them wisely!


  1. Words ARE very powerful. I remember a kid, when I was young, telling me I had a big butt and it still bothers to me to this day. I don't have big butt but I thought he was right at the time. And I remember HIS name!!

    1. Oh yeah, there are those moments, too. We are so sensitive about weight aren't we? Why do those insults stick longer than the weight-related compliments?


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