16 April, 2017

No A to Z for Me!

A while back, I asked for input on subject matter for the A to Z Challenge. I successfully completed the challenge last year, and with all my new circumstances - including spotty wifi - I wanted to attempt it again.

You may notice that I am posting neither daily, nor alphabetically!

I admit, I did not even get around to looking at the A to Z set-up page, but Brett did. He informed me that this year would be different: rather than a list of participating blogs, that required daily maintenance, everybody would simply link their A to Z posts through twitter or facebook. (Are you doing the challenge this year? Let me know in a comment.)

As an anonymous blogger, that poses a serious problem for me! I understand why they are doing it. Managing that challenge must be a huge pain when you have to verify every single blog every day. But I cannot remain anonymous and utilize social media! I decided that joining the challenge served no practical purpose for me this year.

Since my primary goal is to increase my writing frequency, and improve my writing, surely I can simply write every day!


You may notice that I have not posted regularly in April. Yes, things got in the way, taxes, a new work visa, job changes... All kinds of things left me under-motivated to plug into the blogosphere. Now that life is settling down - Again. For about the third time since we moved to China - I am going to challenge myself to write daily.

This may not always be blog writing, though. As I said, wifi is not always reliable. Also, some days I expect that I won't wish to sit at the computer in my down time. I have a lovely reading nook now, where I might simply journal in a notebook. That said, I will be a little more present here.

That is my intention. My challenge to myself. Not A to Z, and not themed. Some days may be a bit of a ramble through my thoughts. Read it or don't. Comment or not. If I can write every day for a month, I'll be happy!


  1. I'm doing A to Z and hehe, I did not know the Facebook or Twitter Angle. I will have to check that out. We have been posting at the A to Z site.

    Well I'm busy enough. I try not to spend more than an hour reading blogs and commenting.

    1. Oh! >sigh< Serves me right for not visiting the site and reading for myself.
      Although, the first week of April was so busy I wouldn't have gotten in on it anyway. Have fun!

  2. Never done A to Z. No plan to ever start. With that said, mad respect to whoever attempts it. That's just not for us.

    As long as you're trying to write something, even if it's not daily, I think that's all that matters. And as for anonymity, you could always just create a Twitter or Facebook page for your blog. I have my personal Facebook account, yes, but that's completely separate from our ABFTS Facebook fan page and our ABFTS Twitter account.

    We don't mind people knowing who we are IRL, sure, but we're not going to connect our personal accounts directly to our blog and just invite anyone who reads us to come into our personal lives. That's... weird.

    1. Yeah, I could... but I don't love social media enough to have multiple accounts.

      With the ABFTS schedule, I wouldn't think AtoZ would be a good idea. It would jack up the good thing you've got going!

  3. Im not doing A to Z this year either. I just couldn't get motivated and then when my brother suddenly died I just lost all desire! I am happy to see that you are blogging more!


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