07 April, 2022

Flash Fiction: Finances #AtoZChallenge

I registered late for the A-to-Z blogging challenge this year, but I'm going to do it. In past years, I have done flash fiction inspired by readers' comments, and I'm happy to do that again, but this month the fiction will be peppered in amongst other random topics of my choosing. So suggest a story idea in a comment if you have one, otherwise I hope you will find my mental meanderings amusing! 


Frieda looked at the small amount of cash from her wallet and frowned. How on earth could she finance this one more thing?

The furnace cut out on them in the night, and Felicia was fixated on finding the right repairman. The right repairman would be expensive, and their funds were almost flushed completely down the drain. Frieda had pulled 15.58 out of her purse, and she knew Felicia was not doing much better. Felicia was at work right now, and they needed a solution before the end of the day. Another freezing night would not be fun.

The problem started when funding fell through on Frieda's film project a few months ago, but Felicia felt they'd be okay as long as no major catastrophes occurred before Frieda found a new project or more favorable funder.

Then Felicia was in a fender-bender, and the repairs made a big dent in the savings. 

The following week, Felipe their fox terrier, was found outside with a fractured leg. The operation and ongoing care cost a fortune. 

Finally, and Frieda hadn't told Felicia yet, but five days ago the basement flooded. Not much, just a few inches, but Felicia never went down there, and with no way to pay for repairs, Frieda cleaned it as best she could and kept it quiet. The furnace was a big one, they both knew about it; there could be no hiding it. How would they pay?

At 5:00, Felicia burst in, in mid-conversation with a man in a name-tagged jumpsuit. "Thanks so much for coming in at the last minute, Federico. It's so cold in here!"

Frieda watched from the hall as Felicia led him to the furnace. When she re-emerged, Frieda pulled her to the side. "How are we going to pay for this?" Felicia winked at her and pulled a fist-full of bills out of her pocket. "Where?" Frieda whispered, wide-eyed. "How?"

Felicia booped her nose with the bills and whispered, "I guess it just fell off the money tree, hm?" and went upstairs to change her clothes from work.


  1. I like how you went for the F sound today. I wonder how Felicia got that money. I'm sure she'll pay for that one way or another.

    1. I hated to end it so abruptly, but it's not like I'm trying to create a novel. Something with work maybe, or a surprise theft?

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  3. Very cool how you're using the letter in there with a lot of words! I'm actually curious how she found the money, good short story! My posts are something similar too - flash fiction and yet there's so many angles or directions the story can then take! :) I really enjoy reading short fiction, how do I subscribe to your posts?

    Here's my post for G:
    G: Growing Up Bin Laden

    1. Oh my goodness! My "follow me" widget is gone! I updated the look on my blog a year or so ago, and must not have noticed it disappeared. Personally, I just add blogs into my Reading List. I'll have to update my blog. Thanks!

  4. I love it. Stack of cash! Don't ask any questions.


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