03 February, 2012

Pizza. Glorious Pizza!

I’m feeling pizza is in my future tonight.
Partly probably because I’m sitting here eating celery for lunch because I couldn’t think of food this morning.
Partly because I haven’t had pizza in at least 3 days and there are no more frozen jobbies in my freezer.

It’s times like this that I miss Chicago. Ooohhhhh….for some Chicago-style stuffed pizza. People on the east coast think “stuffed” means there’s a top crust. Au contraire, mon frère! Stuffed pizza Chicago style – and no, the Pizzeria Uno chains across the country are not true to the original - is baked in a deep pan, cheese on the bottom, sauce on the top, and a LOT of sauce. And takes an hour to bake.

A lot of the best (most popular/biggest) pizza places in Chicago will ship a frozen pizza to you, if you want to pay the $30 or $50 or whatever it is. Frankly, I’ll just yearn from afar for free.

Chicago is where I first had spinach on pizza. Or shrimp. If you are ever in the Chicago area, make a trip to Geppetto’s in Oak Park. It’s right on the border with Chicago, so it’s not like you’ll be delving deep into suburbia. Geppetto’s gives you your choice of crust – regular, wheat, beer, and they’ve probably added gluten-free by now – your choice of cheese – mm… provolone! – and such a long list of toppings. You like sausage? Be prepared to choose between several. Onions? White, red, green or Vidalia? Shrimp, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, whatever meat you like. Oh, so many choices.
>Sigh<. Seriously. Worth. The. trip. And if your date doesn’t like pizza, they have a full-on Italian menu, and a kickin’ salad/soup/bread bar.

***Geppetto’s did not ask me to write this, nor pay me, nor probably even know that this blog exists.***

I’ve lived out east for 15 years or so, so I’ve grown accustomed to other pizza alternatives, but no one – I mean NO one will ever get me to do that disgusting New York style, greasy, fold your slice in half pizza. Blech. Gross.

I’ve learned to appreciate white pizza – just not all the time.
I’ve learned that I like sauce that’s a little sweet.
I’ve learned the joys of jalapenos on my pizza!
And since “artisan” pizzas are coming in vogue, I’ve found more options to try.

I have my favorite places to get pizza in the area, and will hit one of those tonight. But man, I’m feeling homesick for Chicago today! Oh, for a big, fat slice of Giordano’s stuffed pizza with spinach.

(teehee…you hungry yet?)


  1. Yes, no thanks to you, I AM hungry!

    I live in California, no yummy pizza here. They just slap some avocado on it and call it Cali-style. Although a place opened up not far from us that has Kimchi pizza, and pizza using sweet potato puree as sauce. Haven't tried either one, Kimchi on pizza sounds disgusting.

    1. Actually Chicago is also the place I first experienced "California Pizza Kitchen". The restaurant had a yummy "Thai" pizza which surprised me.

      But Kimchi...yeah, kind of "ew" on cabbage on za!

  2. I have had the authentic Chicago-style pizza in Chicago one time and it was phenomenal. I never knew pizzas could be so deep. I then understood why some people call it a 'pie.'

    1. The last time I was out there was a year and a half ago. But last night's white pizza with spinach, tomatoes and onions satisfied my craving!

      You're right. It's not so much a "pie" when it's flat.


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