01 February, 2012

Time to Celebrate! (hint: it’s ALWAYS time to celebrate)

I believe in celebrating whatever there is. I’m a big fan of celebrating Thursdays, just because of the line in HHGG “Must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” Mind you, I don’t party all the time or anything.

Yesterday, in my rant, I neglected to mention that it was Philip Glass’ birthday! What? Who’s that, you ask? I know. I came across him by accident. Or rather, I discovered who he was by accident.

(brief explanatory tangent)
Philip Glass is a (now) 75yo composer of classical-style music. I happened to be at the symphony a while back where the featured guest violin-soloist was performing a concerto by Philip Glass. I’d never heard of him, but had the tickets anyway. Part way through the performance I caught myself all tensed up – you know when you catch yourself slouching and sit up straight? Like that, only my guts were tight, my arms were tight, and my hands were in fists. I consciously relaxed myself and paid attention to the music, thinking “I’ve had that same feeling before, when was it?” And it dawned on me: the movie The Illusionist. Did you see that movie? Watch it again and listen to the music in the background. It sounds like anxiety, like worry, but is incredibly sexy at the same time. Anyway, when I got home, I checked and sure enough: Philip Glass composed the music for The Illusionist.
(Later, I was watching a documentary about the big nor’easter that destroyed southern Delaware “The ’62 Storm” and recognized his style again. Very notable composer, once you know his work.)

So last night, I toasted to Philip Glass' 75th birthday. Happy birthday, composer I've never met!

But that was yesterday.
Today is Imbolc – Happy Imbolc everyone!

Wait – what’s Imbolc you ask? Don't worry, I’d never heard of it either.
Well… my new, very cool planner that includes all kinds of holidays from many different religions and nationalities refers to Imbolc as “pagan/wiccan”. According to Wikipedia, which of course we all know to be the source of all knowledge, Imbolc celebrates the coming of spring and the lengthening of days. It marks the midway point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.

Eh, not a wild party day, but still, it’s something! Apparently the ancient gaelic people celebrated by having a big fire and drinking milk and eating a special kind of bread with butter. Also, divination…supposed to make predictions about the spring. Haha! Kind of like Groundhog Day!

So in deference to the “celebration of the coming of spring”, I cut some fresh rosemary for my coworkers from my huge giant rosemary bush – did you know rosemary is supposed to help creative brain function? Just fyi. (i.e. good to give to coworkers.)

Anyway…Celebrate! Celebrate something! I always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge just in case there becomes something to celebrate – I don’t want to be caught off guard with nothing celebratory on hand! It’s an attitude, not a party. Whether it’s just wishing people a “happy February” or going out for lunch, or splurging on that frou-frou coffee drink in the middle of the afternoon, or actually having a party, there’s always something!

...and hopefully I will remember that when I really hate the world and all of life!


  1. I had a coworker who came to work everyday telling it what holiday it was. Clown Appreciation Day, Elder Care Week, National Mustache Day. He was never able to turn those into days off, but he always tried.

    1. ha! Never thought of that. I get two floating holidays a year. I should totally take off for the spring equinox or the Ides of March. (Did you know "the ides" just means the 15th? There's an "ides" of every month!)

  2. Yay! I am totally down to celebrate something. I'm feeling the coming of spring thing, but not so much drinking milk to do it. I think I'm going to drink wine instead.

    1. Amen to that. I opened a lovely Chilean red the other night...can't recall the name at the moment.

      In case I don't get in here...Monday is Waitangi Day - a New Zealand holiday, and Wednesday is Nirvana Day - a Buddhist holiday, but sounds like grunge rock party, no?


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