23 February, 2012

So now I'm Dreaming about Blogging? Crap.

To quote Holly Golightly, "Quelle Night!" (please correct my French, if you know where the accent goes.)

That’s right. Last night I had two “blogocentric” dreams. First I dreamed that The Bloggess turned me into a cartoon on her page. If you read her regularly, as I think the entire blogging world does, then you understand how this dream came about.

Second, I dreamed that I actually met my internet-fiance (blog-fiance? I still don’t know what we are…), Brett of the Transformed Non-conformist, only we still didn’t meet. That dream was kind of Scooby-Doo-ish. You know, lots of going in random doors and coming out others? …But I kept running into his son, who didn’t look like the son Brett posts about in his blog, but I knew it was him because, you know how in dreams you just know? Yeah, that. Also, random members of my own family kept popping up behind the various doors. Hmm… Parse that one, dream-analysts!

(For anyone new to my blog, check out the comment section of this post to catch up. There’s more in Brett's blog, but this is where it started.)

I should explain that these dreams occurred AFTER I awoke at 1:30 a.m., had a small dose of Angry Birds Opium and, unable to go back to sleep after an hour of trying, I finally gave up, grabbed my pillow, and went into the living room to try to doze to a movie. Didn’t really work for a good long while, but obviously I slept at some point, long enough for two distinct dreams.

It’s Karma.
The rough night is, I mean.
See, yesterday was not the first time I took a “mental health day”. I don’t do it often, but I have done it before. However, yesterday I bragged about it online. Shame on me! Not that anyone I know is on here, or even knows about this blog, but still, I tempted fate, and fate accepted the bait, Doggone it.

Since I’m not on-form today, and while I’m inserting links like …wow, there are so many great analogies for that one and my brain is just off. Pick your analogy of choice. Wait, let me know your “link inserting” analogy of choice in the comment-section.
ANYway, I would like to point you to an LOL-funny blog I found recently: Sara's  Tangled Skein is a riot - at least she tickles my distorted funny-bone, so I hope you feel the same. If I ever get out to Spokane, I am totally taking this chica out for coffee (or something). She doesn’t post often, but it’s a gem when she does. So, since I’m not making you laugh, check her out!

AND for today’s reason to celebrate:
Today is the 25th anniversary of the closest exploding star seen on Earth since the telescope was invented. (Supernova 1987A, in the Large Magellanic Cloud, if you’re counting.) WHAT? A supernova?
Someone needs to create a drink called the supernova…or maybe “exploding star”. Either way.
...Maybe it should have bubbles… sweet. Happy Supernova, everyone!


  1. First, there is a drink called the SUPERNOVA and it has bubbles.

    6-8 Champagne
    3/4 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
    1/4 oz Hpnotiq® liqueur
    1 splash Chambord® raspberry liqueur

    Pour liquors into shot glass. Chambord will sink to bottom and Hypnotiq will mix with 151 to make a green over red layer effect.

    Light shot with match.

    Drop flaming shot into glass of champagne (shot will be extinguished).


    Second, that sounds like a really cool dream. I wish there was a way to record them for playback later. I love the Scooby Doo sequences of randomly running through the different doors in a long hallway.

    I am honored to be the man of your dreams.

    1. Thanks for the recipe - although I don't have those last two ingredients. Between you and Vesta, I'm going to have a very well-stocked liquor-shelf!

      And man of my dreams that you are, I'm still sifting through your archives for any hints that you might secretly be an axe-murderer - maybe with a fetish for redheads. If you are, I'll have to call the whole thing off because although I like the midwest, I have no desire to be scattered across its cornfields in a zillion pieces! You understand, right?

    2. I understand. Fair enough.

      I don't think you will find anything incriminating in my posts. My very first one probably tells the most about me. As for the Midwest, I have no binding ties here. I have no problem packing up and moving to anywhere. I even left the country for a while.

  2. Did somebody say drink?

    So, what I really want to know is - can I be the bartender at your wedding reception? I mean, assuming Brett isn't an axe-murderer and all...

    1. I would love that! ...assuming my beloved axe-murderer agrees. (you know how detailed our plans are at this point.)

    2. Also, I can't access your site now. It's being flagged as "porn****phy" (I don't want to put the word on my site and then get flagged myself.

    3. Wait what? My blog has been flagged? Are you serious?

    4. We have a pretty strict firewall.
      I'll try again on Monday. Maybe the offending post was just too recent, and the flag will be down.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Brett, If I can't access my own blog on Monday because you used the p-words in my comment section...

      ...well, I'm no good at threats, but I'll let you know!

      The Dark Side is more seductive...even Yoda says so.

    7. I didn't even think about that. That's funny. I will delete it just in case.

    8. You are too funny. It would have been funny to find out, but probably better this way.

  3. It has been deleted. Vesta's comment section with all the questionable words was probably the problem.

    Vesta has gone over to the Dark Side.

  4. No! No Dark side. Dang it. So deleting fixes this problem? Sheesh, who knew I'd be censored?

    1. (just in case you're checking) I still can't access you from my work computer. Actually, I got in, but before I read anything today, I was going to comment that I got in, and it blocked me from the comments, and then I couldn't get back in.

      I'll find a workaround.


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