10 February, 2012

This is what “Sleep Deprived” looks like in my world…

Disclaimer: Opium Angry Birds and late nights out other events have conspired to remove sleep from my life these last few days, so I’m not 100% in control of my faculties, which may or may not include grammar or conceptual cognition. Please forgive, and return when I’m functioning!

Obviously, I’m going to the Star Wars:TPM [3-D] opening tomorrow, but due to a previous engagement later on, will almost certainly not be posting about the movie immediately afterward. I’m hoping that my later engagement – at which I know I will see at least two fellow Star Wars-nerds – will afford me the opportunity to dissect the movie enough that I can distill my thoughts down to a coherent post the next day. (hey that was pretty good grammar, right?)

I know.
You’re holding your breath.

Don’t. Knowing me it will turn into a high-minded, detail-oriented, technical film-critique and no fun to read at all. …then again that could be my current lack of brain-function talking.  (I’ll try to include some random mall-watching observations to lighten it up. There’s bound to be humor in a vast collection of sci-fi geeks!)
Work diversion:
(shh…I shouldn’t be doing this now…)
One of the supervisors just came into my office where someone was working on a Valentine’s Day promotion and had heart-shaped stuff spread everywhere. He said, “Aww…Aren’t we full of heart today!” I said, “I usually spell ‘shit’ differently.” Somehow everyone cracked up... (possibly in part because I don't swear?) I didn’t know I was being funny. Anyway we’ve used “full of heart” a few times since then as a euphemism. Riot.

...come back next week for my thoughts on V-Day. [hint:it's not romantic]

Internet diversion:
I just found out that one of my favorite authors (ever since the untimely demise of Douglas Adams) is coming out with his new book! The author: Christopher Moore. The new book: “Sacre Bleu” surrounds the mystery of Vincent Van Gogh’s death. Awe.Some. Who doesn't like Van Gogh? (you can read a chapter at chrismoore [dot]com.) Moore is the only author whose book tour I who I’ve visited I’ve seen live …wow, brain-dead me couldn’t grammar-out that he’s the only author …I mean, during a book-tour… I mean,who I’ve gone to …screw it. You know what I mean.

ANYhoo…he’ll be back at that same bookstore this April. During this current tour. coming up in April. Holy crap I need sleep... I may have to go see him again. He’s that good. I do love me some insanity! One glance at the photo in the book-jacket, and you can see Moore’s got the insanity.
**This is not a paid endorsement, nor do I think CM is aware that I am praising the book here. **
**and I'm not a psychologist, and am not making a clinical assessment of his sanity**

On an un-related note…
no wait, a TOTALLY-related-to-everything-I’m-writing note!...
I am SOO droopy-tired! I am going to crash so hard as soon as this workday ends I get home from work. But no, not really, because I have to go to the AT&T store to have them remove the virus I think my Android caught. Oh, and I’d better do some grocery-shopping so I don’t starve. Sleep-deprived and food-deprived would clearly signal the "intervention police" to remove the Opium Angry Birds from my phone.

…and I’ll probably have some Angry Birds to mess with, too.
…because that is now vital to my existence, so I’d best not fall asleep without the appropriate dosage.
…stupid Opium in my phone!


  1. The first key to quitting is wanting it for yourself.

  2. LOL. I totally want the Angry Birds for myself!


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