21 February, 2012

Star Trek: 2013 ...wait, WHAT!?!

I was just sure that the next Star Trek movie was coming out in 2012. Just Sure.
You know, the sequel to the 2009 movie with Chris Pine as Kirk and Karl Urban as a PERFECT Bones (fave line: "I got no place else to go. My ex-wife took the whole damn planet in the divorce. All I've got left are my bones.") I’ve been waiting, J.J. Abrams!

It suddenly occurred to me after watching Star Wars 3D recently that I’ve not yet seen a trailer for Star Trek. Hmm…so I went to imdb to check it out…2013!!! 2013 for the as yet untitled next Star Trek movie. Oh, the torture.

You mock me, J.J. Abrams!
You set us up with this really good cast and interesting new twist on the whole history of the characters, not to mention your visually striking production style, and make us wait FOUR YEARS? Nothing like anticipation, huh?

Now I don’t look up movies in advance. I just don’t follow them. I can barely remember whether I was interested in a movie’s trailer by the time the movie’s actually released, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it by reading it online before I see it.

I did not read a synopsis of the new Star Trek on imdb – didn’t even notice if there’s one listed, frankly – BUT, I am excited to see they are adding Benedict Cumberbatch to the cast! (THE best name in all of show business by the way. …and if I had a parrot, I would  name it Benedict Cumberbatch, clearly.) He’s not a household name yet, and I had to blow up the thumbnail of him to see why the name rang a bell. They didn’t list it in his credits, but the first time *I* saw him was as Sherlock Holmes in the new 2010 BBC Sherlock Holmes series. It was awesome – he’s great. Then I saw him in Tinker Tailor. He played the young guy doing all the running around for Gary Oldman’s character.

His Star Trek character was not named, but I’m thinking Klingon. He’d be a good Klingon.

So yea! Something to look forward to. …FOR A YEAR. Grr…

On a totally unrelated note, I heard an interview with William Shatner on NPR the other day, and the interviewer (I forget who it was) asked if he spoke Klingon. The answer: Yes, fluently. Which in Shatner’s words means “I spit a lot when I speak it.” Heh. Did you know Shatner has a one-man show on Broadway right now? I'm skeptical. I don't trust one-man-shows. Kind of ego-centric, and where's the fun of the banter with other characters?

I think I have to get me some other Star Trek movies. Like Wrath of Kahn. I don't remember all the details of all the movies, but I do know that the first is kind of lame, and Wrath of Kahn is AWE and then Some. If I don't stock up now, how will I make it through this whole next stinkin' year?

J.J. Abrams, you have just ruined 2012. Thanks.


  1. I am a huge fan of just about everything J.J. Abrams does. He's great.

    I am the same way with movies. Once I see a trailer I like, I don't want to know any more about the movie. I want to see it unfold during the movie. The less I know, the less chance of something being ruined by me knowing about it too soon.

    If a movie looks interesting, I add it to my Netflix queue and forget about it. Then, one day, it just shows up in my mailbox.

    1. I don't know that I've seen much Abrams, but I liked his Star Trek.

      I've not yet joined Netflix. Just lazy. And busy. Yes, I can too be both!

  2. I love Benedict Cumberbatch! That's awesome that he'll be in Star Trek. I can't wait to see the new batch of Sherlocks.

    1. I was watching the BBC web-page for the longest time, checking for the next series. I even sent them a message to ask, but no reply. :(

      No idea if we'll get them or when.
      Good Klingon face, don't you think?


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