14 February, 2012

Your Bloody Valentine's Day...

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day and it has nothing to do with being “alone” which is my choice, or being “reminded that I don’t have anyone” or anything like that. I don’t wear black in protest, or mourning, or whatever that’s supposed to signify.

Here’s my deal: It’s NOT ROMANTIC, homies! St. Valentine was a martyr! While incarcerated he wrote notes to the jail-keeper’s daughter and signed them “your” – as was common even in Jane Austen’s day – which gave us the phrase “your Valentine”. …at least that’s the popular one of many saints Valentine. February 14 celebrates the date of his burial. Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll!

Besides, if you love someone, do you really need a special day to tell them? Haven’t you already told them? Don’t you show them in myriad ways? If not, shame on you. Doing something special on Valentine’s Day is a cop-out. How much nicer when it’s a surprise for no reason!

So okay, a lot of people might appreciate a “gimme” holiday that basically tells you what to do and how to celebrate. Fine. But really? Named after - and celebrated on -  the day a MARTYR was BURIED? Let’s call it what it is: Happy “Hallmark Totally Made This Up” Day. Or, my personal favorite: Happy “Anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” Day. Heehee. Did I mention I used to live in Chicago?

I’m wracking my brain, and I don’t think I’ve actually been in a relationship on the fake holiday. But then, if I was involved with someone who decided to “do something special” on that day, I would probably get up and walk out of the restaurant, or otherwise ruin all the careful planning. Because really, if we’re together, you KNOW this about me. You KNOW I find this holiday trite and phony and a waste of time and money. So if you have made the colossal mistake of attempting “romance” (key point: I’m not romantic, either - at least not in a traditional way) then you MUST be hinting that it’s time for our relationship to end.

I actually have a commitment – not romantic, and not one-on-one – tomorrow night, so it’s a non-issue for me. But when I get home? Sweats and the movie “Some Like It Hot” which opens in Chicago and includes reference to the massacre in question.

And maybe pizza.
And a beer.
Ah, romance!

To all those who also are not celebrating this martyr: You're welcome for the logical excuse.


  1. I have decided, you must marry me. We don't have to talk about it. Just pick a date and tell me where the ceremony will be. I'll be there.

    1. What a perfect proposal! You - Me - Marry.
      You really get me!

  2. Preach it girl.

    In the 7 Valentine's Days my husband and I have been together we have never spent it with each other. One or the other of us is always out of town for work on that day. Nor have we ever exchanged V-Day gifts.

    Also, you should totally marry Brett.

    1. I'm so glad there's another no-nonsense woman in this world!

      And of course I have to marry Brett!

  3. Finally got around to your blog, sis. This explains so much to me.

  4. WHAT?!? Wait, not my real sister, you're just using the term "sis" like guys use "bro", right?

    NOOOOOOO! This is supposed to be anonymous!

    We can never speak of this to anyone.


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