08 February, 2012

Superbowl - Well, not really, but almost

Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll post about the Superbowl, since everyone else seems to be avoiding the elephant in the room.

Because here’s the thing – it seems that most of us (that I’ve read, anyway) in the blogosphere pride ourselves on our nerdiness. Myself included.

But here’s the other thing: I LOVE me some football! (American-style. What most of the world calls football, although appropriately named, is too tame and predictable for this random maniac.)…(Actually I think I would prefer a cricket match to soccer, just because it’s more confusing and therefore less predictable.)

But I digress…
I was raised with a high-school football star of a father, reliving his glory days whenever allowed. Although I’ve mentioned that my mom wouldn’t let him tell me all his teenage stories, football was okay, so in middle-school – since we lived overseas and American football was not readily available, my dad started having “chalk-talks” with me during summer vacations, reviewing plays and positions, and all that good stuff.

So by the time we came back to the States – to Chicago, the year they won Superbowl XX – I was well-versed in the sport and truly appreciated all the football I could ever watch. Frankly, I’m surprised more of my brainiac buddies aren’t in love with it. Football seems to me a thinking-man’s sport. The sheer variety of ways used to move the football down the field, the details of what makes a play illegal, and the to-the-untrained-eye seemingly capricious penalties applied could fill a book – oh wait. It does: The players’ handbook. (haha)

I’ve not watched football this year, though, for two reasons:
1.       Stupid players' union striking for more money during the off-season really put me off. Seriously? You need more money? In this economy? Ba$!ards. (sorry. I never swear. You know I don’t, but I could not think of a more appropriate clean term.)
2.       I decided to stop allowing my cable company to bleed me dry and cancelled my contract with them, which means I have no TV access at my house. It’s been a great experiment, and I was honestly most concerned about surviving football season, which I have now done, so Yea, me!

But the Superbowl is my favorite National Unofficial Holiday, so I had to party! I got together with the same friends as usual, and it was fun. Of course. Actually, I think I was more social this year because none of us really had a team in the game. As one person called it (based on the logos on the players’ helmets): “m&ms vs. the post office”! haha. Take a look at the Giants’ logo, and see if that isn’t the same font-type as m&ms! Hilarious.

I ate too much, but didn’t drink too much. Partly because I’d had a few earlier in the day, but mostly, I was just happy to be relaxing at a friend’s house because Sunday was insane for me - on the go until I arrived in her kitchen and offered pretend-assistance while munching on pita-chips and hummus while her hubby made some outstanding guacamole. Yum. I was glad the Giants won, mostly because they beat the Packers in the playoffs. The Packers, who suck with major cheese-loving suckage, but seemed to be winning a lot. I don’t hate any people, but I truly hate the Packers with an undying hatred that sears into my eyeballs and makes my hair bleed.

My dearly beloved brother is a Packer-backer. ...
I have to forgive him for this on a regular basis.
And he’s raising his son, my godson, into the cult.
Oh the shame of it.

Okay, so I didn’t really write about the Superbowl, just the cult of the NFL.

...and happy Waitangi Day, New Zealand! (I don't understand this holiday enough to write about it, but it's a big deal, so rock on!)


  1. I actually didn't do the Super Bowl thing this year. I am NOT a sports person, but always enjoy a good Super Bowl party. It's for the people and food, not for the game. This year I had lots of homework and just didn't go anywhere.

    1. I only heard they were doing their party-thing at the last minute, so I was all set to just order a pizza and do some studying of my own, if I wasn't out for the game.

      I've missed my share of Superbowls. It's less important when you're not into either team.

  2. I grew up in Texas where football is a way of life. But not for me. I have never, ever been able to get into it. Believe me, I tried. For years I worked as a bartender, and Sunday afternoons was my shift, so I had all the football lovers...I'd stare at the screen and ooo or aaah or yell when appropriate, but inside I was thinking 'what's the little flag for?'.

    Give me basketball any day. Or boxing. But I'm glad you had fun (and who wouldn't with all the hummus and guacamole?).

    1. Basketball seems kind of boring to me: run down the court, throw, run back up the court, throw... But then, I thrive on complicated! I like basketball when I'm at the game. Then it's a crowd thing. Baseball, too. A baseball stadium is a great place to be in the summer.

      For TV-viewing though, I gotta love the NFL!


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