25 February, 2012

Reply All = EPIC FAIL!!!

So, it’s late in the workday, and I got an email from someone about planning a major meeting involving several lord-high muckymucks for sometime in March, and requesting response about the better date.

The date choices offered were 3/16 and 3/23. I have plans in the evening on 3/23, which wouldn’t really be a problem, but I’d prefer the 3/16 option, since the location is up-state. (Delaware’s small, but still…) I added that some of us might even enjoy going out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day after the meeting adjourned, since it will be an all-day affair and we don’t all see each other very often, being spread across the state.

After suggesting going out after the meeting I added the phrase, “I know, beach party animal, me” with a smiley face. Because in the state of Delaware, those of us who live near the beach are notoriously more laid-back and carefree, and presumably drink and party more than those up north. It's just a stereotype... Really... Shut up.

Because these emails are typically sent by one of my counterparts, to all the rest of the people in our same position, I hit “reply all”, as I usually do. Because I enjoy being around my counterparts and again, it doesn’t happen often, so I wanted to include anyone who might find the suggestion agreeable.

My first two replies were from people who do NOT hold my same position.

Hmm…I must have made a mistake. How did Mary and Susan know about this meeting if it was just for us? (Mary and Susan are friends of mine, who actually work in an office closer to my home, and who I have in fact gone out with. It would be great if they were there! Awesome!)

Let me just look at the “sent to” portion…

Holy. Crap-eroni! With bells on.

CC’ed to ALL the superintendents, all the administrators, some people from other offices I don’t usually deal with and who therefore don’t-know-about-my-witty-humor-and-good-nature, and THE BIG BOSS HIMSELF!!!! (who is a very nice guy, but not someone I want to go out with on St. Paddy’s)

Epic. Fail.

My office-mate and I laughed uproariously as I recited names off the "sent to" and "CC" list.

Then I attempted a “message recall”. The list of people with “recall failures” (meaning they’d already read my faux pas) is pretty humorous, too…including a previous supervisor with a great sense of humor who I’ve no doubt will have something to say!

Boy, is my face red.

I then sent a more specific email to only those I thought I was “replying all” to, explaining my thoughts on potentially going out that night. Schadenfreude being what it is, they should all get a laugh! (it’s German, look it up.)

(I know, I'm posting twice in one day. Please don't ignore my previous post, I'm still seeking feedback. Just had to get this out there.)


  1. It took a long time to get my mother to understand what REPLY ALL means. She has replied to several of my emails which went out to a list of people by sending personal or sometimes embarrassing information to the entire list.

    I have thought about taking her computer away.

    1. I gave you an award on my site today. Details are on my latest post.

    2. Yeah, unfortunately, this is work, so they can't take away my computer.

      Also unfortunately, some of these people have seen me somewhat >ahem< overindulge.

      Thanks for the award! I'll have to think about what to post in response!

  2. Hahaha.... whoops big time! Love it! Hope you'll post some of the responses you get from all the random people!

    1. I hope I get some funny responses. Un(?)fortunately a lot of these people probably saw the message was recalled so didn't bother to pay attention to why. We'll see!

  3. Hahah reply all is NOT good...but definitely not the worst it could have been...I'm thinking of those social media guys who used their companys twitter accounts to accidentally post about getting slizzarrd.

    1. I know, right?

      And I'm not usually the culprit for reply all. This was such a routine email, I thought she'd used the routine distribution list!

  4. Replies
    1. I always think everyone knows about Schadenfreude, so am loathe to explain.

      Doesn't everyone know Schadenfreude? German may have some long words, but they are descriptive!

    2. Totally. It is an awesome word. And sure, it's long, but it conveys so much!

  5. Oh man, I hope I never do anything like that.


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