05 April, 2016

D is for Delaware

A geography lesson for you.

Delaware is a coastal state. It is not in New England.

Technical “central Atlantic”, southern Delaware actually has a more “south Atlantic” climate. Check it out on a climate map. This is where I lived for 12 years – longer than I ever lived anywhere. I miss it.

(Look in the northernmost tip of the green)

There are so many directions I could go with this post, but I've decided to ramble. (That is not common for me, so bear with me.)

Now that I live in the Midwest, I often have to clarify that yes, Delaware is coastal. I always define it as, "When you hit Baltimore, cross the Chesapeake Bay and keep driving east," because even in the Midwest, most people consider Baltimore coastal.

I miss it. The last 7 years I lived there, I was in a tiny cottage just a block from the beach. I walked on the beach, a mug of Earl Grey tea in hand, the majority of my days off, and frequently in the evenings. The sound of the surf and the light and peace were soul-cleansing. I can go for walks now, but it's not the same.

During my time in Delaware, I tried to broaden my experience. 

Looking through the dunes to the water.

I took the ferry to New Jersey just for something different.
Toured the local winery.
Toured the local brewery, several times.
Hiked in the State Parks.
Visited historical sites.
Participated on a wetlands committee.

Indian River Inlet Bridge, under construction

I've been kayaking, para-sailing, and took surfing lessons.
I watched a fin whale play in the extremely deep inlet between the ocean and the inland bays.
Observed (and helped crowd control) the release back into the ocean of a rescued baby seal.
I did the Polar Bear Plunge TEN TIMES! (in water between 36-43 degrees Fahrenheit)

Since relocating, I try to continue that immersion attitude. I may miss the beach, but there is something interesting to do no matter where you are.

The Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Indianapolis is home to the second highest number of military memorials in the US. (Washington D.C. is obviously number one.) I haven't been to all of them, but I have climbed the >300 steps to the top of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in the heart of the city.

Last year I participated in five 5Ks, one of which has become my new annual event, replacing the Polar Bear Plunge I used to do.

Brett and I took a day to visit several old covered bridges - can't find those in Delaware!
We've been to an old town fair.
We explored the catacombs below the city.
We saw a clown parade!

The Moral of the story: There may be no place like home, but there's no place like the place you are in, too.     


  1. "The Moral of the story: There may be no place like home, but there's no place like the place you are in, too." Such excellent advice! And I loved what you said about "immersion attitude." That's a terrific way to look at it. This is a beautiful post!
    Impromptu Promptlings

    1. Thanks Calen. My husband overheard some coworkers talking about how there's nothing to do in our city. He couldn't believe. There is ALWAYS something!

    2. I SO need to be a little more adventurous and find things to do here. His lordship is getting ready to retire and I don't think I can handle a constant look of "please entertain me" on that adorable curmudgeon's face!

  2. These are wonderful. Like little visits without leaving home!

    1. Oh good - that's my hope! (Loved your memory this morning, btw)

  3. Three of my daughters live in NJ so I've been to Delaware on occasion. Years ago--around 1979 I think--I was working with a magic show that played the Delaware State Fair.

    I know Indiana better as I lived in Crown Point (in the Chicagoland area) for a few years. Also when I worked on another magic show we spent a while in Terre Haute, Evansville, and Spencer. I'm kind of partial to Indiana. I remember going to that Soldiers and Sailors Monument on a junior high trip to Indianapolis. There used to be a covered bridge at the fairgrounds in Crown Point. I don't know if it's still there since though I visited Crown Point a couple years ago, we didn't go to the fairgrounds.

    Thanks for jolting my memories.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I have sister up in the Chicagoland part of Indiana. havent' been to the fair grounds up there, though.

  4. Yay! That covered bridge day was fun. We should go to the festival this year.


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