28 April, 2016

X is for X-ray Lab

When I lined up my 26 topics for this challenge, I thought I was so very clever to think of this place!

But it’s really more about radiology labs.

"I’ve had precisely one x-ray in my life, after a car accident, and I don’t really remember it. There was nothing broken, so no follow up." End of post.

However, if I broaden the subject to radiology labs, I can offer a short PSA to all you ladies reading this:

Get your mammograms!

My eldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30s, so I started getting mammograms the following year, also in my 30s. It’s not painful, just a little uncomfortable because they have to squish you SO FLAT! But only for a few seconds. The peace of mind is worth the discomfort.

Truthfully, she felt a lump during a self-exam, and I believe that is fairly common. So even more than getting regular mammograms, be sure to give yourself regular self-exams.
(I’m bad at that, but remember occasionally. At least it's more frequent than the annual professional one.)

They keep changing the guidelines for how often a woman should receive these tests, so I’d suggest not trusting the medical community on this – do the self-exams, even if you won’t be getting a full mammogram for years!

End of PSA.

Moral of the Story: Know your body!


  1. Excellent advice! I had the supreme joy of getting to do this for the first time...and then a second time six months later because they wanted to keep an eye on things. Yay! It seems to be fine, but I'd rather they be overly cautious than underly cautious.

    Still, it seems like cancer abounds, and this is one that can be treatable. So x-cellent use of X!

    1. Thank you!
      My other sister still hasn't had one. I don't get why not.

  2. Just this morning I recalled that I am a few months overdue for my mammogram. Thanks for the reminder, Red. My mother felt a lump some years ago when she was in her 80s. She underwent a lumpectomy and survived another 15 years. Dementia got her in the end.

    1. My sister has been... well certainly at least 10 years a survivor. Still going strong. She really never missed a beat, and they taught their kids that this is just an illness with a more complicated treatment.

  3. I have an aunt who had to have a breast removed, but they made her a new one. Since she was in her 50's, she thought it was funny that one pointed forward and the other one pointed down.

    1. haha! I'd laugh about that too, if it happened to me!


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