22 April, 2016

S is for Stonehenge

Brief note/whine: I must admit, I'm struggling to keep up, this far into the alphabet. Oh, I will finish. I will post for every letter. But I feel my posts are getting a little weaker as I go. My best personal pictures have already been used, and let's face it: U-Z are pretty slim pickings for subject matter!

I could almost cry for running out of words to spend on Stonehenge, because this is one of my deepest obsessions, so being at a loss for words is (haha) unspeakable. Yet, read on for my attempt to describe...

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I love visiting my obsessions. First, Loch Ness, when I was a teen. Then, in college, I finally got to Stonehenge - another nerd-like obsession of mine. At least this one's definitely real! 
This is LITERALLY the stuff legends are made of. Fiction writers use it as a basis for stories, National Geographic hosted a special where scientists attempted to rebuild the site (in a different location) with wooden structures of the same dimensions as the stones, and replicating the manner in which it was built!
At the time I visited, there was some kind of work being done, and the actual structure was inaccessible due to wire-fencing. You could see it, but not actually walk amongst the stones. I do hope that was temporary... maybe they were putting in a sidewalk around it.
If I could go there every day, I would. This would be my spot to pack a picnic and a book, or notebook to write. I'd photograph it in every light, in every season.
It's so...big.
So old.
So mysterious.
It's freakin' prehistoric! 

Image: sacred-destinations.com
As an American, let me tell you, we know NOTHING about age! While on that day-trip to the Salisbury Plain to look at Stonehenge, we went into Salisbury to visit Salisbury Cathedral, too (built in 1320).
I marveled at the old Tudor buildings, and my English hosts didn't seem to get my amazement.
image: photoready.co.uk

Me: How can that building even still be standing? (although, drooping slightly)
Host: What do you mean?
Me: It's so old!
Host: Meh. Not really.

Stonehenge was completed 3500 years ago. Let THAT sink in for a second. What is that Biblically, like, Abraham-era? Maybe more like Joseph? When were the pyramids?
Regardless. I was, and shall remain, in awe of this monument of ancient engineering.
...and I found my words by just gushing.

Moral of the Story: Age is relative.


  1. I just want to point and yell NERD!!!

    But I know that applies to me also

    1. In this case, it's quite a love affair I have with Stonehenge. Just beware if they ever devise time travel!

  2. Somewhere I've actually been! And it was as amazing and glorious as you said!

    There is a path around it now, and most tours only allow visitors there, but we went on a sunset tour and got to walk among the stones. It was incredibly magical. And we went to Bath and this medieval village called Lacock, and I had the exact same reaction. As Americans, it's so difficult to comprehend.

    But even older was Edinburgh. The first people started living there 10,000 years ago. I mean.

    A Bit to Read

    1. You give me chills! I must return.
      Actually, I think I'd be happy to live in England, if the opportunity presented itself. I want to see all of it.

  3. Magnificent descriptions for someone who would be a travel writer, Red. I would go visit a place that someone just gushed about, because my reaction here is like, "Really? Wow! I must see those places." And I will, as soon as my benefactor arrives....

    1. There's a scene in Tess of the D'Urbervilles (movie version, at least) where she ends up at Stonehenge, by chance. Wouldn't it be great to just randomly come across such a thing?


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