07 April, 2016

F is for Frank Lloyd Wright

The "Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio" to be precise.

For years surrounding college, I lived in the Chicago area, and Wright's home and studio is in Oak Park, Illinois, a near suburb. I don't recall what possessed me to take the tour - just a random dull Saturday in the fall - but I learned things that have stuck with me to this day. Things like:

Floating/Faux columns. His studio was full of columns rising toward the ceiling but appearing to stop 8-10 inches shy. Faux columns on corners, and all over.

FLW liked a house full of light. He hated draperies blocking the natural light from the windows. Yet, he wanted privacy! Solution: leaded windows. Each pane reflects light at a slightly different angle, so nobody could see in. Brilliant! (That, and he had his home and studio set far back from the sidewalk, which was trimmed with a large hedge.)

Natural wood, and whitewashed walls. It's a lovely, clean look!

I've not seen any of the buildings he designed, but I think I learned enough from that random tour of his home, that my curiosity of his other designs is reduced.
Moral of the story: A lot can be learned on a random dull Saturday!


  1. I think I prefer random dull Tuesday mornings. My capacity for learning is a little higher.

    1. You're crazy. I wasn't trying to learn. Saturday was perfect.

  2. They actually have walking tours of all the houses he built in the neighborhood (outsides only, though). I've never toured the inside, I should check it out!

    A Bit to Read

    1. I did not know that. I kind of seem to touch on things and move on. One FLW. On to the next thing.


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