15 April, 2020

Music #AtoZChallenge

What are you listening to these days? My background music tends to vary depending on what I'm working on. Language study? Mando-pop. Writing? Depends on the WIP. Mornings are in flex: coffee jazz, dance music, Christian pop, funk...

A couple weeks ago, Brett got it in his head - for a Twitter joke, I think - to make a "Covid-19" playlist on Spotify. Intrigued?

I love it. 

It includes music from just about every genre. The sole unifying factor is in the titles.(So, only English language music.) Even if you don't like a single song on the list - which you will, there's truly something for everyone - you will probably appreciate just reading down the titles on the play list. Every title applies to our current world-wide situation.

From "Fever" by Peggy Lee, to "Times Like These" by Foo Fighters, just everything imaginable is in there.

When he first shared the link on facebook, more song recommendations came in. He was adding to it for days before finally drawing the line. There are 19 hours of music on this list! I think that's enough.

Do you have any music choice? Has it changed, now that you are home more? What would be your criteria for a "Covid-19" playlist?


  1. Covid playlist would be cheerful! Thanks for the M is for Modern Quilts link, I will go and listen!

    1. There are definitely a lot of cheery songs on this list, but again, everything was chosen based on the title.

  2. I am always flummoxed by questions like these. My general preference is silence. I don't hate music, but when I'm doing things, music is more distracting than anything else.

    Great idea for a playlist.

    1. I am the same way. When I am writing or studying, NO MUSIC. I can't think with it playing.

    2. I have different playlists that I run when I'm working on different writing tasks, or studying. That's just background noise that keeps the right mood. I can definitely tell if I have the wrong playlist on. My brain can't figure out what's happening!

      But I was raised in an intensely musical family. Maybe that's part of it.

  3. I will check out that list. I am sure there will be something to my liking.


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