05 April, 2018

Eyebrows - SERIOUSLY???

I found my inspiration for today's post on the subway recently. It's a bit superficial: 
Quit plucking your eyebrows into oblivion, girls!

When I was in college, a classmate with, I'll be honest, big eyebrows, was advised to pluck them, or get them waxed or something, and here's the point "because full eyebrows are out" her response was, "What happens when they're in?"

I laughed, but good point. I've seen eyebrows get bigger again. The only thing consistently out is a unibrow. (And giant, old man, bushy-brows)

So now apparently the thing is to pluck (wax, thread ...) until there are literally no brow hairs left. Then, they draw them in. Have you seen this? Who decided this was a good idea?

Dude. Stop it.

For those of you who don't pluck your eyebrows until you're bald, excuse my all caps:


Eyebrows prevent sweat from getting into your eyes. Are you kidding me? Unless you live in the 80s when headbands were cool, so you have a fabric buffer protecting your eyes from the hot summer sweat, do you honestly prefer wiping the sweat out of your eyes? You know you'll also be wiping away makeup ... because be real: if you spend that much energy on your eyebrows, you have other makeup to be concerned about.

Life wisdom: Not all fashion fads are a good idea! 

Re-reading this, I sound more annoyed than I am. What someone else does to their face is their own concern, but this one baffles me. What fashion fad baffles you?

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  1. Caring at all what anyone else thinks about what I'm wearing.

    But you already know this about me.

    1. I think, for some people, that's not a fad. It's a lifestyle choice.

  2. That life wisdom is very wise. I enjoyed reading this post. :)

    1. I pretty much defy any fashion trends. Jeans and t-shirts are my uniform, but when things like this confuse me.

  3. Thank you! I've always been pretty much for leaving my facial features as close to their natural look as possible, but have started to wonder if I was the only female around that still feels that way!

    1. I happily wear makeup, but I'm not about distorting my face!


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