09 April, 2018

Happiness is a Choice

Are you living in a "what if" world?
Do you put things off until "if only"...?
Do you envy other people based on their social media posts?

Your world is what you make of it. I know that sounds trite. "I can't help that I ... [was in a bad accident / was abused as a child / have a disease / never met my father]" You cannot help your past. 

That's true, but you can change your future.

You can make the most of your present.

First, don't compare yourself to others. People typically post the good on their social media. My husband is HUGE on all of his social media outlets, and never posts anything bad (except about the pollution here, maybe). He posts jokes, shares pictures of beautiful or exotic places we visit, and praises his students or even his own self. People envy him. Why? Life's too short to waste on envy.

Use another person's positive experience to motivate you, if anything, but don't pin yourself to it.

"If only I had a better job, we could... "
"If only we lived somewhere else, we could ..."

Really? How about getting out into your community, into the geographic area, to explore. Find what's there, try the cool stuff, avoid that which doesn't interest you, and do something!

EVERYWHERE is interesting. Decide to make your own happiness. What turns you on?

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  1. I am huge on social media, but you're gonna blow my cover. The last thing I need for someone out there to not totally buy into my life being absolutely awesome and trouble free all the time.

    I'm an extra-large bucket of AWESOME SAUCE!

    1. You are the Awesome Sauce.
      You also are a solid example of choosing to be happy and not dwell on the bad.

  2. Social Media is an absolute killer for showing the highlights of people's lives. I have friends living amazing lives on FB but I'm old enough and wise enough to know that there's a lot more to their lives than the bits they put on show. I don't compare and I actually unfollow people who I start to envy - it saves my sanity and my happiness levels! I choose when to visit their page - then I'm in a good head space to read their latest marvellous post :)

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    H for Hang on to your Dreams

    1. I tend to unfollow people who always post the bad. I am susceptible to be brought down easily. For good friends, or isolated darkness, I can help or commiserate, but if someone is always dark, I have to step back.

  3. Absolutely true! Thanks.


  4. I did a digital detox in January. I took a month off from all online and gadget related stuff. My daughter told me at the end of the month, "Mom, you've been so much happier." So one thing I never went back to was the news. It never enriched my life. After A-Z I will need to take another month off. ;)

    1. That is an awesome idea! Maybe someday I'll have the guts to try that.
      Living in a foreign land, I think I'll still need the GPS on my phone, though.

  5. This one is a work in progress for me as I'm a people pleaser with a huge duty'guilt reflex. I really don't have an issue with envy, but I'm not terribly good at chosing to do what makes me happy rather than other people.

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    1. I don't compare my life to others', but I do often compare my appearance. I'm not getting any younger, but find myself always comparing my looks against the younger crowd. It's so silly.


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