24 April, 2018

Underwear Presumptuous!

Don't be underwear presumptuous!

This statement came into our delightfully amusing marriage early-on when we traveled to a wedding, and I had packed one bag for us. I left one side for him to put his things into, but something was lost in translation. Now, he always puts out his clothes for me to put into the suitcase, so neither of us just assumes the other added our necessities!

I don't remember what specifically happened - if we stayed an extra day or what - but he was one pair of underwear short. It's such a running gag now that for his birthday one year I bought him as a gag gift a tin of "emergency underwear" from archiemcphee.com. (This is easily our favorite online store for goofiness.)

Anyway, I told him he was underwear presumptuous. Now we both usually pack extra underwear, because we are spontaneous people and may very well extend a visit somewhere! Don't want to be underwear presumptuous!

The point is: Be prepared. How else can you be prepared?

When I leave our apartment here in Beijing, even if it's just to go to the store, I often bring my subway pass just in case I decide I want to do something else. This is also helpful because one of the things I do is audio recording, and the owner of the studio will call me in for an impromptu session at short notice.

You know how your mom always taught you to use the toilet before leaving the house? Moreso here. Public restrooms are everywhere, but unless you are in a western style shopping mall, you may have to use a set-in-the-ground toilet, and it's not always comfortable. (How long can you hold a deep squat?)
The actual teachers' toilet at a school I taught at.
(This is not a discussion about toilets. There are reasons to think this is actually more sanitary than western toilets, but back to my point.)

Expect the unexpected is not possible, but there are things you can do to be a little more prepared for life to intervene: Leave a little early. We all have entertainment on our phones if you arrive early. Keep medicine refilled before it's urgent. What am I missing?

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  1. Always check under your bed for squatters before lying down. Letting them out in the middle of the night is a pain.

    1. This is why our marriage is always amusing to me!

  2. The underwear discussion reminded me of a recent event where I needed a spare pair of undies - I remembered I had a pair in the boot of my car for "girl" emergencies and was so proud of myself - until I took them out (realized they'd been stored there for years) and the elastic crumbled in my hands - leaving me with a sack of useless cotton with a few bits of perished, hardened elastic clinging to the edges - I very nearly wept!

    Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au
    U for Understand Yourself

    1. That's terrible! (lol) I guess the additional note here is, update your emergency undies regularly!

  3. Your post brought back memories of traveling to China twice to adopt our daughters. The picture of the pit toilet - especially - reminded me of traveling with extra coins and toilet paper just in case we needed to use one of them.

    1. I haven't seen any coin operated toilets yet, but I always keep a pack of tissues with me!


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